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WH 8


Where did Islam begin? Arabian desert
What was the name of the man who began Islam? Muhammad
Which angel appeared to Muhammad? Gabriel
What was Muhammad's hometown? Mecca
What mosque is associated with Muhammad and his ascension to heaven? Dome of the Rock
What is the Arabic word for "God"? Allah
What is the name of the holy book for Islam? Kuran (Qur'an)
What are the rules required for Muslims to follow? Five Pillars
What are the Five Pillars? faith, prayer, alms, fasting, pilgrimage
Who was the first caliph (successor to Muhammad)? Abu-Bakr
When the Umayyads came to power, the Muslims split into what two groups? Shi'a and Sunni
What language do Muslims speak? Arabic
What was the name of the center for learning in Baghdad? House of Wisdom
What type of mathematics was created by Muslim thinkers? algebra
Where is the holiest spot in Islam? Kaaba
How old was Muhammad when Gabriel appeared? 40
What else is believed to have happened at the Dome of the Rock? Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac.
When he was chased out of Mecca, where did Muhammad go? Medina
What group eventually took over Islam and caused a schism? Umayyads
Who was Muhammad's son-in-law and the fourth caliph? Ali
What eventually became the capital of the Islamic empire? Baghdad
What is the main European country that became part of the Islamic empire? Spain
Eventually the Muslims took over the Holy Land, the cities of _____ and _____. Jerusalem and Damascus
Who were at the top of the social pyramid? people who were Muslim from birth
What type of artwork did they borrow from the Byzantines? mosaics
During the period of time when Islam was peaceful and expanding, what age was Europe going through? Dark Ages
What battle halted Muslim expansion into Europe? Battle of Tours
Muslims valued _____. Learning
Muslims saved and translated the histories of which two ancient civilizations? Greece and Rome
Created by: lacie.holmes