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WH 6

Ancient Rome

What civilization did the Roman empire model itself after? Greece
What four seas surround Italy? Mediterranean, Ionian, Adriatic, Tyrhennian
What mountain range borders Italy to the north? Alps
What is the Roman name for Zeus? Jupiter
What three groups make up Roman society? Patricians, Plebeians, and slaves
What form of government did Rome use at first? democracy
Eventually, their government evolved into a _______. republic
What other country is technically a republic? (People elect representatives to represent them in government) USA
Which two groups did not have citizenship or the right to vote? women and slaves
On what was the Roman law written? Twelve Tables
Who did Rome fight in the Punic Wars? Carthage
How many Punic Wars were there? Who won each of them? three; Rome won all three
What did Hannibal cross the Alps with? elephants
At this time, what was the name for the region we know today as France? Gaul
Who made up the First Triumvirate? Julius Caesar, Crassus, Pompey
Who was Rome's first dictator? Julius Caesar
On what date did Caesar's friends and senators kill him? March 15, 44 B.C. (Ides of March)
Who made up the Second Triumvirate? Octavian, Marc Antony, Lepidus
Eventually, Octavian became emperor and changed his name to what? Augustus
What were the 200 years of peace after Augustus called? Pax Romana
What new religion was born in the Roman Empire? Christianity
Which emperor converted to Christianity? Constantine
What were Rome's three big contributions to architectural technology? roads, aqueducts, arches
Who was Rome's most famous scientist? Ptolemy
What language did the Romans speak? Latin
What is the most famous piece of literature from this time period? Who wrote it? The Aeneid, by Virgil
After they split Rome in half, where did Constantine move the capital? Byzantium, renamed Constantinople
Eventually, the eastern Roman empire became what empire? Byzantium Empire
Which social class made up the Senate? Patricians
Which social class made up the Assemblies? Plebeians
Who was the founder of Christianity? Jesus of Nazareth
Who was Julius Caesar's best friend and one of the ones who killed him? Brutus
What is the modern name of Constantinople? What modern country is it in? Istanbul; Turkey
Created by: lacie.holmes