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WH 5

Ancient Greece

What main sea is Greece located in? Mediterranean
What two peninsulas make up Greece? Balkan and Peloponnesus
What kingdom lies to the north of Greece? Macedonia
What is the name for the Greek culture? Hellenistic
What type of religion did the ancient Greeks have? polytheistic
Where did the Greek gods live? Mt. Olympus
Who was the king of the gods? Zeus
Who were considered citizen in Greece? free adult males
What were the two most important city-states in Greece? Athens and Sparta
Athens was the first city with what form of government? democracy
Before democracy, who were two very important tyrants? Draco and Solon
Who created the first code of law in Athens? Draco
What kind of government did Sparta have? oligarchy
What did Spartan society focus on? military
Who was the emperor of Persia during the Persian War? Darius
What was the most famous battle during the Persian War? Battle of Marathon
Who won the Persian War? Greece
Persia returned to Greece under the rule of _______. Xerxes I
What battle during the war became famous for the use of 300 Spartans? Thermopylae
Who one this second war with Persia? Greece
What were Athens and its allies called? Delian League
What were Sparta and its alliances called? Pelopponesian League
Who was the leader of Athens during its "Golden Age"? Pericles
What are the three types of columns in Greek architecture? Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian
Who is credited with the stories The Odyssey and The Iliad? Homer
Who were two famous dramatists (playwrights) from ancient Greece? Aeschylus and Sophocles
Who were two famous historians from ancient Greece? Herodotus and Thucydides
Who is considered the father of Medicine? Hippocrates
Who invented the pulley and the lever? Archimedes
Who are the three most famous Greek philosophers? Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato
What was the name of the war between Athens, Sparta, and their allies? Peloponnesian War
As a result of their weakened state after the war, who was able to invade and conquer Greece? Macedonia
Who was the leader of Macedonia during this invasion? Philip II
Who was the son of Philip II and arguably one of history's greatest conquerors? Alexander the Great
As Alexander conquered and spread Greek culture, he ushered in what age? Hellenistic Age
Created by: lacie.holmes