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WH 3

Ancient River Valley Civilizations-Mesopotamia and Egypt

The first permanent settlements popped up along __________ during the Neolithic Era. rivers
The Mesopotamian civilization was between which two rivers? Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (Southwest Asia)
The Egyptian civilization was where? Nile River Valley and Nile Delta (Africa)
Where was the Indian civilization? Indus River Valley (South Asia)
Where was the Chinese civilization? Huang He Valley (East Asia)
Which civilization settled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River Valley? (part of the Fertile Crescent in Southwest Asia)? Hebrews
Which civilization settled along the Mediterranean coast (part of the Fertile Crescent in Southwest Asia)? Phoenicians
Which civilization was located on the upper (southern) Nile River (Africa)? Nubia
River valleys were the "____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ." Cradles of Civilization
a city that with its surrounding land forms an independent state city-state
a large state or country all under control of a royal leader, like a king or queen kingdom
a group of states or countries all under the control of one leader, usually an emperor empire
Government where the ruler and the laws get their power from God or religion theocracy
Mesopotamia means "_________________________________. land between the rivers
Mesopotamia is part the ________________________. Fertile Crescent
By 2000 B.C.E. Mesopotamia is run by a group of people called _______. Amorites
What was the capital of Mesopotamia under the Amorites? Babylon
What modern day city is near the original site of Babylon? Baghdad, Iraq
Who established the world's first written law? Hammurabi
According to the Bible, who led the Hebrews out of Egypt? Moses
When man first turned away from using stone to make tools, what did they start using? metal
What was the first metal humans used to make tools? copper
Who invaded Mesopotamia after Hammurabi? Hittites
What did the Hittites have that allowed them to rule Mesopotamia? iron
Knowledge of iron spreads around the world and starts the _______ ______. Iron Age
Ancient _________ was both common and accepted. slavery
The __________ set up a vast trading empire all around the Mediterranean Sea Phoenicians
Belief in many gods is called _______. polytheism
Belief in one god is called _______. monotheism
Who was the first group to be monotheistic? Hebrews
A man named _______ in Sumer was the first to reject polytheism and believe in one god. Abraham
Abraham's god was named ______. Yahweh
Yahweh commanded Abraham to move his people from Mesopotamia to _______. Canaan
Canaan (modern Palestine) means "_______ ______." promised land
Eventually the Hebrews left Canaan and went to ______. Egypt
The Hebrews later set up a capital at _________. Jerusalem
Jerusalem is considered a holy city for what three major religions? Judaism, Christianity, and Muslims
The holy book for the Jews is called the ______. Torah
What are the two main types of writing systems? pictograms and alphabets
Sumer had the earliest form of pictogram writing, called _____. cuneiform
What form of pictogram did the Egyptians use? Hieroglyphs
Who created the first alphabet? Phoenicians
What river flows from south to north? Nile
What king united the Upper and Lower kingdoms of Egypt? Menes
What is the king of Egypt called? pharoah
Who developed the 365 days calendar? Egyptians
Created by: lacie.holmes