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Practice with our Greece Vocabulary

is the “study of beginnings”; the science of studying past cultures by analyzing their remains Archaeology
leading city-state in ancient Greece known for its culture and democratic system of government Athens
“high hill”; the highest point in a Greek city-state where important monuments and temples were built. Acropolis
a classic Greek temple built on the Acropolis in Athens to honor the goddess Athena Parthenon
A series of sculptures carved out of a background panel Frieze
central city and the surrounding area it rules City-state
Athens’ rival city-state known for its military power Sparta
means “rule of the people” in Greek; a system of governing in which citizens vote to elect representatives and make laws Democracy
In Athens, the meeting of citizens held every ten days to discuss and vote on issues related to the democracy Assembly
Foreigners or people who were not like the Greeks. Barbarian
A system of thought, which examines and explains the purpose of life; in Greek known as the “love of learning.” Philosophy
Red clay pottery used in making classical Greek Terra cota
ancient town of central Greece that was the sanctuary of the oracle of Apollo Delphi
Priest or priestess believed to speak for a god and foretell the future. Oracle
Festival of athletic games and contest that were originally held by the ancient Greeks in 776 BC. Olympics
Created by: warrens