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Practice our China Vocabulary

The idea that heaven China’s ruler and gave him or her power Mandate of Heaven
A barrier built to protect China from invasion that stood near China’s northern border Great Wall
A device that measures the strength of an earthquake Seismograph
The Chinese practice of inserting fine needles through the skin at specific points to cure disease or relieve pain Acupuncture
A canal linking northern and southern China Grand Canal
A thin, beautiful pottery invented in China Porcelain
A form of printing in which an entire page is carved into a block of wood, covered with ink, and pressed to a piece of paper to create a printed page Woodblock printing
A mixture of powders used in guns and explosives Gunpowder
An instrument that uses Earth’s magnetic field to indicate direction Compass
A philosophy based on the ideas of Confucius that focuses on morality, family order, social harmony, and government Confucianism
A huge palace complex built by China’s Ming emperors that included hundreds of imperial residences, temples, and other government buildings Forbidden City
A policy of avoiding contact with other countries Isolation
Created by: warrens