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PMI Final

True or False A patient with a history of syncope should be asked to lie down True
At what temperature should unused evacuated tubes be store in order to guarantee an additive integrity mix? 4-25 degrees Celsius
The color code that is most associated with tubes to collect Hematology tests is Lavender
What angle is used for needle insertion during routine venipuncture? 15-30 degrees
Which of the following can be a complication resulting of deep capillary of the heel? osteochondritis
According to the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, CLSI, the maximum time limit for separating serum or plasma from cells is: 2 hours
If a phlebotomist is unable to obtain a blood specimen for any reason the usual protocol is: document the reason and time on a specified form per facility and lab policy
True or False With few exceptions, vigorous additive tube mixing should be avoided because it may cause hemolysis True
Needles are color coded according to their: gauge
If patient adamantly refuses to have blood drawn, phlebotomist should: notify patients nurse and fill out a failure to obtain form
How many times must you mix non additive tubes? 0
Which of the following sites would normally be eliminated as a capillary puncture site? an edematous extremity
The additive ACD, acide citrate dextrose, is found in which tube? Sterile Yellow
Where is the radial artery located? thumb side of the wrist
What is the most important consideration when drawing blood from an older child? explaining the importance of holding still
What is the CLSI recommended procedure for cleaning a venipuncture site? cleanse with a circular motion from the center to the perifory
When performing a venipuncture, hand washing is necessary: before and after each patient
True or False According to OSHA, needles must have safety features to minimize the chance of accidental sticks or they must use equipment to shield the needle after use True
True or False It is ok to dispense a patient if venipuncture won't stop bleeding False
True or False In most cases, if a family member or visitor is in the room when you arrive to collect a specimen, do not interrupt instead proceed to the next patient and come do the patient later False
True or False If you have a needle that does not have a safety feature you must use a needle holders that contain safety features True
True or False Never transfer blood collected in an additive tubes into another additive tube True
True or False If a patient states that he/she is feeling nauseous while the blood draw is in progress, the blood draw should be stopped True
True or False Non additive tubes yield serum specimens True
True or False If a dermal puncture site of a finger or a heel is overly massaged, squeezed, milked, or endures strong repetitive pressure the blood may be hemolyzed True
While some labs may not use this method, what is the most common and preferred system for collecting a blood sample evacuated tubes
2 parts of the tube include the graduated barrel and: plunger
Which of the following needle gauges has the smallest diameter? a) 18 b) 20 c) 22 d) 23 23
When doing a dermal site puncture the phlebotomist should look for warm pink site
Which additive prevents glycolysis? Sodium Floride
Which additive inhibits thrombin? Heparin
If an inpatient is not wearing an ID band when the phlebotomist comes to collect a specimen, phlebotomist should: ask the patients nurse to put an ID band on the patient
What is the maximum amount of time a tourniquet can be left on a patient? 1 minute
What is the best practice if a vein can be felt but not seen even with a tourniquet on? Look for visual clues on the skin (freckles, scars, etc.)
Why should a phlebotomist visually inspect the needle tip before inserting it into the patients vein? To check for imperfections
According to CLSI when is the best time to remove the tourniquet? As soon as blood flow is in the tube
It is better to gauze instead of cotton balls for pressure over the site because: it pulls away platelets
Labeling a routine inpatient blood specimen should take place: At the bedside immediately after collection
Another name for butterfly is: Winged infusion
Where is the tourniquet applied when drawing a hand vein? Proximal to the wrist
What is capillary puncture blood? mixture of venous, arterial, and capillary blood and interstitial fluid, intracellular fluid
Why is capillary puncture blood sometimes called capillary blood? It's obtained from the capillary beds
What is the recommended site for a capillary on a child 2 years of age or older The fleshy portion of the middle finger
A skin puncture that parallels whorls of the fingerprint will: Allow the blood to roll down the finger
What is not a capillary puncture procedure? Using provodone iodine
What is the primary reason for performing arterial punctures? To evaluate blood gases
What are the disadvantages of puncturing a radial artery? It is small
How are specimens for electrolyte testing in addition to arterial blood gases be handled? Transported at room temperature
A glucose specimen in a sodium fluoride tube is stable at room temp for? 24 hours
Test performed on plasma are collected in: Anticoagulant tubes
To avoid airborne infections while processing specimens: Use a stopper remover or cover the stopper with gauze while removing the top
Which additive preserves glucose? Sodium Floride
Older elderly patients are more prone to hepatomas because? Their veins have increased elasticity
Which additive prevents glycolysis, the breakdown of sugar? Sodium Floride
ACD is found in: Sterile Yellow
Some are red, some are orange or other bright colors for easy identification Sharps containers
Created by: cdilello



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