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Unit Five Study

Unit Five Study Tool

Who were the first two European powers to set up small settlements along the African coast? The Portese and Spanish.
What was the primary reason the European powers became interested in controlling the interior of Africa in the 19th century? The European powers were interested because they need the natural resources for their industrial revolution.
During the _________________, European powers divided up Africa among themselves with no input from the African people. Berlin Conference.
The Boer Wars involved which colonial powers? The British and Dutch.
The British became especially interested in the Boer Republics once these natural resources were discovered there. Diamonds and gold.
A former policy of segregation, political, and economic discrimination against non-European groups in the Republic of South Africa. Apartheid.
In 1960, a large number of Africa countries gained _____________. Independence.
During the Rwandan genocide almost one million people were killed in ____ days. 100
In the Sudanese genocide, the _________________ militia has attacked and killed members of the ________________ minority. Janjaweed, Darfuri.
During the Rwandan genocide that we studied, the _________ majority murdered as many as 800,000 members of the ____________ minority. Hutus, Tutsi.
This intergovernmental organization was established in 2002 to promote the unity of African states and spur economic development. African Union.
Define coup. A sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government that usually involves the military of that country.
This African country has experienced cyclical famine for much of the last four decades due to drought and rapid population growth. Ethiopia.
Describe the relent events related to the Somali Civil War. Was clan based warfare following the overthrow of the dictator of the country. Soilders of the UN and the US became involved but then left because they started to be killed. There is no government but the country is stable, for now.
By 1900, European powers claimed and rule what percentage of Africa? 90%
Africa is the world's ______________. Second largest Continent.
This commodity has been mined and traded illicitly in Africa in order to finance warfare such as conflicts as the Sierra Leone Civil War. it is often preceded with the word 'blood.' Blood diamonds.
What is Boko Haram? A radical muslim organization that is opposed to western ideas.
Created by: aidan Kaz