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World War II

French line of defense prior to WWII Maginot Line
American that partnered with Montgomery to defeat Rommel Eisenhower
German attack on Britain Operation Sea Lion
Germany turned on what country USSR
What was the attack where Germany invaded USSR Operation Barbarossa
What place was the last to see fighting in WWII Pacific Theatre
December 7th, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked
What was the Manhattan Project Development of nuclear weapons
Allied invasion of France D’Day
German surprise attack strategy Blitzkrieg
Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor The Lend-Lease act (USA was not supporting the Axis Powers)
Where did the big three meet Yalta, USSR
Hitler and Stalin signed this to promise not to attack each other Non-aggression pact
Hitler’s self proclaimed title 3rd Reich
American method of capturing small parts of Japan Island Hopping
France and Britain had foreign policy towards Germany at the start of the war Appeasement
What was Britain’s and France’s end to appeasement Munich Pact
Hitler’s secret police Gestapo
British Air Forces RAF
German air force Luftwaffe
Giving in to the demands of an aggressor in order to keep the peace Appeasement
A policy of staying out of global affairs (US attempted to do this) Isolationism
Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan
Allied Powers USA, Great Britain, France, Soviet Union, China
Laws that stripped German Jews of all rights. Nuremberg Laws
The Pacific ocean portion of the naval part of the war. Pacific Theatre
The Big Three FDR, Churchill, Stalin
Prime Minister of Japan and a former general of the Imperial Japanese Army Tojo
Leader/dictator of the Soviet Union (was an Axis leader at start of the war) Stalin
Schutzstaffel was a elite paramilitary force under Hitler himself SS
Hostility/prejudice against the Jews/Jewish religion Anti-semitism
Where the Munich pact was created Munich conference
General Erwin Rommel was called this Desert Fox
American five star general that commanded the Pacific Southwest. Douglas MacArthur
El Alamein and the importance of North Africa/Italy Bernard Montgomery was british general controlling northern China and defeated Desert Fox
Created by: Parker H.