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Modern History

Essay Revision

Who were the winners of WW1 Britain, USA, France, Italy
Who were the losers of WW1 Germany, Austria/Hungary, Ottoman Empire
What are reparations? Repayments for war
What were the terms of the Treaty of Versailles? Who liked this? Who did not? The terms for the Treaty of Versailles was: Germany is held responsible for WW1, Germany was made to pay allied nations $33 billion, loss of land for Germany, and the reduction of German army and navy. Britain, France and USA liked this, Germany did not
Who was Adolf Hitler? What did he do? Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany during WW2 who organized and carried out the Holocaust
What was hyper-inflation and what does it explain about Germany prior to WW2? In the Great Depression, the prices rose so much that money had become worthless. It showed how disadvantaged Germany were during these times.
What was the Nazi Party and what did they stand for? The Nazi Party was a far-right political party that supported Nazism. Only the strong survive, The Aryan Race was the superior race, Jews were the lowest form of life, they hated the Treaty of Versailles.
What is the Aryan Race? The Aryan Race was Hitler's idea of a "Germanic race". An ideal Aryan was blonde, blue-eyed and tall. They were (in Hitler's eyes) "pure".
How were the terms of the Treaty of Versailles broken by the Nazi Party? Invasion of Poland in 1939.
What was appeasement? Appeasement for the Nazi Party was to give in to Hitler and the Nazi Party's demands to stop them starting another war.
How, why and when did WW2 begin? WW2 began on 1st September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland
What was propaganda and how was it used by governments? Propaganda is the biased information used to promote a political cause. In this case it was to show how bad the Axis Powers were during WW2.
In which locations did Australian soldiers get sent to fight? Tobruk (North Africa), Britain, Indonesia and Papa New Guinea (Kokoda)
Who were the Allies? Britain, America, France, Australia, Russia
Who were the Axis Powers? Germany, Japan, Italy (start of war)
What was the Holocaust/Final Solution? Where did it occur? The Holocaust was a mass murder of 6 million Jews during WW2 in Hitler's Nazi Germany. The Holocaust itself occurred in Poland's death camps.
Who were the victims of the Holocaust and how were they persecuted? Jews, gypsies and homosexuals were the victims of the Holocaust and were persecuted by being killed by zyklon-B gas in death camps in Poland.
Who organized and and carried out the Holocaust? The Nazi Party
How was Germany divided at the end of WW2? Why was Germany divided this way? Germany was divided into four areas run by France, Britain, USA and USSR. This was to punish Germany for all they had done.
When and what occurred at Pearl Harbor? Why was this important? Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike by the Japanese against the US naval base at Pearl Harbor in the morning of December 7th 1941. This was important because it brought USA into the war.
What was Kokoda? Kokoda was the most important battle that Australian soldiers had ever been involved in. It was the battle that defended our country.
Why was defending the Kokoda trail important to Australia during the war? Japan's rule over the Philippines and Indonesia had come so close to Australia that Australian's were preparing for invasion.
Why is Kokoda important to Australian's now? Because if we didn't fight back, Australia would have been under attack by the Japanese
How did the war impact Sydney and Darwin directly? The Japanese bombed Darwin and Sydney.
Explain why nuclear bombs were chosen to end the war in the Pacific? USA dropped the atomic bombs as a use of; revenge for Pearl Harbor, to test the weapon, and to end the war quickly so to save lives and keep the Russians out of the war.
What are communism and capitalism? Communism is a political system where the government controls the nation's wealth and provides everyone with an equal share. Capitalism is a system based on private ownership of property and business, and where government control is limited.
Which countries were communist and which were capitalist? Communism: USSR, China, North Korea, West of Germany (Eastern Powers) Capitalism: USA, Australia, UK, France, East of Germany (Western Powers)
Why did the Cold War occur between the USA and the USSR? The fear of communist domination had become a threat to national security and both sides prepared themselves with lots of atomic bombs.
What was the domino theory? It was the fear that if one nation fell to communist domination, its neighbors were to fall behind it.
Why did Australia fight in the Vietnam War? Because of the ANZUS Treaty and the government's "forward defence" policy
Who and what were Australia and America fighting against in the Vietnam War? The North Vietnamese Army/Viet Cong
Why did Australia align themselves with the USA? Because of the ANZUS treaty
What is Guerilla Warfare and how was it used against the western powers in Vietnam? Harass the enemy using unusual tactics. The western powers were using conventional warfare and was not prepared for these new tactics.
What conditions did soldiers face in general during the Vietnam War? How did this impact them once they returned home? Soldiers endured non-stop rain and constant stress that they might be ambushed. This led to PTSD which crushed the veterans back home.
What effect did media images have on changing people's views on the Vietnam War? People at home saw loved ones be killed which made them very angry. People were disgraced by the war.
Why did America pull out of the Vietnam War? They pulled out because of the pressure from the public and the media
What role did anti-war movements play in the Vietnam War? It forced the government to pull out of the war
How were Vietnam veterans treated after the war? Vietnam veterans were ridiculed and not respected. Some were even spat on.
Explain the term moratorium as it related to the Vietnam War. A moratorium is an organized protest. These were shown in masses throughout the Vietnam War.
How does the media accurately portray the Vietnam War? Through live footage of the Vietnam War.
Created by: Matt.Allan