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what does the the sanctity of life mean? Life is precious, Holy and sacred.
what does the quality of life mean? being valued and feeling on top of the world, Being free from pain ,anxiety and stress.
what do christians believe about the sanctity of life? Life is precious sacred and holy and all life should be protected no mattter what stage it is at. 'Thou shall not kill.' 'God goves life only god takes it away.'
what is abortion? A delibrate termination of a foetus up to 24 weeks
when was the abortion act introduced? 1967
who introduced the abortion act? David steel
what are the christian views on abortion? all christian churches accept abortion apart from the RCC.
what is a pro life orangisation? Pro-Life orangisation includes SPUC AND LIFE.
what are the RCC views on abortion? abortion is murder because life beings at conseption.
whats the christian response to abortion? that there is other options such as adoption, fostering and help of the Pro-life organisation LIFE.
What is AID? artifical insemination by donor.when sperm is colletced from a annomynous man and inserted into the womans womb
what AIH? Artifical insemination by husband.when sperm is colleted from the husband of partener and placed into the womans womb
what is IVF? In Virto Fertiliseation. this is where a egg and sprem are fertilised inside a tube when sucsessfully done the fertilsed egg is inserted back into the womans womb.
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