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Phlebotomy Exam

Quality is best defined as: a degree of excellence.
Making sure the standards of care have been maintained” defines: quality assurance.
“The constant search for ways to improve a product, service, and performance” defines: quality improvement.
Which of the following can be used to determine specimen collection information? All of the above
A bleeding time test is used for: evaluation of platelet function.
_________ is a normal bleeding time result? 5 minutes
________________ and _________ tests is required by law for neonatal screening? PKU and Thyroid testing
The glucose tolerance test (GTT) is used to evaluate which of the following conditions? Hypoglycemia ,Diabetes mellitus and Gestational diabetes
_________ tube colors is designed especially for glucose collection? Gray
___________ is proper protocol for collection of arterial blood gases? Collect from the artery, collected in heparinized syringe; transport on ice.
The cold agglutinin antibody is made in response to a form of pneumonia caused by which of the following bacteria? Mycoplasma pneumoniae
The clinical condition in which bacteria enter the bloodstream is known as: septicemia
________ and _______ is the appropriate collection device to use when performing blood culture collection? Yellow-top SPS tube and Blood culture bottles
Proper incubation temperature for cold agglutinin specimens is ________________. 37°C
When culture bottles are prepared for inoculation with the patient sample, the bottles should be. cleansed with alcohol.
Therapeutic phlebotomy is not performed for treatment of which of the following conditions? Anemia
Blood collected during therapeutic phlebotomy is: discarded after collection.
When a peripheral blood smear is prepared, which of the following statements is NOT true? Make the smear one minute after placing the blood on the slide.
sites should not be selected for venipuncture? Scarred veins , Vessels that pulse and Burned areas
One of the most important steps for prevention of testing errors in venipuncture is: verification of the patient’s age.
Which vein is the phlebotomist’s first choice for venipuncture? Basilic
The phlebotomy supply area should be appropriately stocked with approximately a ___ -month supply of expendables. 2
As part of the laboratory’s quality assurance plan, records should be kept in the laboratory for all of the following EXCEPT: physician credentials.
How often should inventory be performed? Biweekly
When making the departmental budget, the phlebotomy manager must consider which of the following? Volume of work ,Materials and Hours of work
The combination of artificial respiration and artificial circulation is known as: CPR. (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
Which of the following is NOT considered a vital sign? weight
Normal body temperature is ________________. 97–99°C
Which of the following body temperature sources is most accurate? Rectal
In order for an axillary temperature to be accurate, the thermometer must be held in position for _____ minutes. 10
Which vital sign is defined as the beat of the heart felt through the wall of an artery? pulse
There is a normal ratio of _____ respirations to a pulse. 1:4
The force exerted on the arterial walls during cardiac relaxation is: diastolic pressure.
______________, __________ and _______________ factors affects blood pressure? Pain ,Smoking and Exercise
This type of testing is approved by CLIA to be performed by the phlebotomist. waived testing
_____________ CANNOT be performed as a point-of-care test? Hemoglobin electrophoresis
Which of the following is NOT a reason for prothrombin time point-of-care testing? Hemoglobin monitoring
The body of law that is voted on and passed by the U.S. Congress or by a state legislature as an outcome of a political process or societal influence is known as: statutory law.
__________ consists of those principles and rules of action that derive their authority solely from usages and customs that have evolved from ancient, unwritten laws of England. common law
Rules and regulations written by government agencies to implement statutes or public laws are __________________. administrative law
Those laws that relate to private rights and remedies sought by citizens are known as: civil law.
In a legal dispute the patient or client that claims to be injured is known as the: plaintiff
A civil wrongdoing or injury is known as: a tort
Leaving a patient sign-in sheet in plain view of other patients is a violation of which of the following government agencies? HIPAA
The rule of legal evidence that requires an authorized person to account for the location, control, and integrity of a specimen, result, or report at all times is known as: a chain of custody.
Phlebotomists must be certified to obtain employment in their field. true/false
____________ medical personnel may perform venipuncture? Doctors, Medical assistants and Phlebotomists
In the modern laboratory or medical setting, the phlebotomist must be aware of all of the following EXCEPT: the patient’s previous medical/surgical history
____________ a barrier to effective communication? Positive body language
Which of the following exhibits positive body language? Smiling
______________ conducive to effective communication? Stereotyping
______________________________is a valid avenue for continuing education for phlebotomy National meetings, Videoconferences and Self-instructional units
The risk for infectious disease in health care workers comes from which of the following? HIV, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B
The single most important preventative measure for spread of infectious disease is: hand washing
___________________ is NOT a means of transmission for pathogens? hand washing.
________________ is NOT a means of transmission for pathogens? Intact skin
Plasma is defined as: the liquid portion of blood, with clotting factors.
Serum is defined as: the liquid portion of blood, without clotting factors.
Whole blood contains: all cellular components and plasma.
The evacuated tube with the GOLD stopper contains which of the following additives? Dry clot enhancer
Which of the following tubes requires the tube to be completely filled to the appropriate indicator mark in order to avoid analytical error due to a diluted specimen? Blue
In order to reduce aerosol mist during handling and testing procedures, a tube with a splash guard placed over the rubber stopper has been manufactured. This tube is called a ______________. hemostat tube
The size of the needle is referred to as the __________________. gauge
As the diameter of the needle increases, the gauge of the needle ___________. decreases
The most common needle gauge used for venipuncture is ___________. 21G
Choose the best method for needle disposal. Unscrew the needle directly into a puncture-proof container.
The device used to hold the tube during venipuncture is known as: the tube holder, the barrel. and the adapter
What is the purpose of the tourniquet? Increase resistance to venous blood flow
The maximum time allowed for the tourniquet to remain tied on the arm of the patient is: 1 minute.
Potassium EDTA Lavender
No additive Solid red
Sodium or lithium heparin Green
Sodium citrate Light blue
Gel activator SST (jungle top)
Sodium fluoride/potassium oxalate Gray
Which of the following complications is caused by insufficient blood flow to the brain? Syncope
The best way to avoid potential patient complications is to: ask the patient’s venipuncture history.
This common complication occurs when the needle is improperly placed in a vein, and the blood is allowed to escape from the vein and collect under the skin. Hematoma
If during venipuncture the phlebotomist notices swelling around the venipuncture site while the needle is still inserted, the proper procedure is to: remove the needle and discontinue the venipuncture.
Which of the following is NOT a possible reason for short draw? Syringe plunger withdrawn too slowly
A short draw in a blue-top anticoagulated tube could lead to which of the following? Patient must be redrawn, Inaccurate test results and Specimen rejected by laboratory
Which of the following is NOT proper procedure for collecting blood from a patient with a running IV? If blood is drawn above the IV site, the IV should be turned off by the phlebotomist and turned back on immediately after completion of the blood draw.
Which of the following is NOT correct in regards to drawing from a damaged or scarred vein? A larger needle may be necessary to obtain an adequate specimen.
The phlebotomist must NEVER do which of the following when dealing with a convulsing patient? Leave the patient.
If the patient complains of shooting pain during phlebotomy, the phlebotomist should: discontinue venipuncture immediately.
A faulty collection tube with poor vacuum may result in which of the following? Short draw
Hemolysis can be defined as: destruction of red cells.
Which of the following would NOT cause hemolysis? Pediatric venipuncture Pediatric venipuncture
Which of the following could NOT cause a clot to form in an anticoagulated tube? Inversion of the anticoagulated tube 10 times immediately following collection
Inversion of the anticoagulated tube 10 times immediately following collection sagittal plane
The plane that divides the body into anterior and posterior portions is called the _________. coronal plane
The smallest, most basic unit of life is the _____________________. cell
The study of cells is known as: cytology.
__________________ forms the outer layer of skin and some internal organs and the inner lining of blood vessels. Epithelial tissue
_____________________ consists of fibers (cells), provides motion, and helps the body maintain posture. Muscle tissue
__________________ consists of complex, specialized cells that transmit nerve impulses to tissues, glands, or other neurons throughout the body to help coordinate body activity. Nerve tissue
_______________ supports and protects the body organs. Connective tissue
Body systems work together to maintain a state of internal balance known as_________. homeostasis
Which of the following is NOT a part of the integumentary system? Muscle
___________ is the medical specialty that pertains to treatment of the skin and related disorders. Dermatology
_________________ belongs to the integumentary system? Skin Nails Sweat glands, skin and sweat glands
How many bones are in the human body? 206
______________ is the medical specialty that studies the skeletal system and associated structures. Orthopedics
______________ is the study of muscles. Myology
Which of the following is a function of muscle tissue? Organ formation and function
The junction between two neurons is called the ____________________. synapse
The central nervous system consists of ___________________________________. the brain and spinal cord
The peripheral nervous system consists of ______________________________. nervous tissue outside the central nervous tissue somatic nervous tissue autonomic nervous tissue, nervous tissue outside the central nervous tissue and somatic nervous tissue
_________________ is NOT an endocrine gland? Sweat gland
______________ regulate metabolism and energy production, contraction of muscles, growth, and aspects of the immune system. Hormones
________________ is the study of hormone-producing glands. Endocrinology
Which portion of the heart receives deoxygenated blood from the body? Right atrium
The vein that brings blood into the heart from the upper portion of the body above the heart is known as the ______________________. superior vena cava
The vein that brings blood to the heart from the lower portion of the body below the heart is known as the ________________. inferior vena cava
At resting state, the normal heart beats approximately _________ beats per minute. 70–72
Systolic blood pressure is a measure of which phase of the cardiac cycle? Contraction of the heart
Diastolic blood pressure is a measure of which phase of the cardiac cycle? Relaxation of the heart
Blood pressure is measured in __________________. mm/Hg
_____________ vessels carries oxygenated blood away from the heart? Arteries
____________vessels carries deoxygenated blood to the heart from the venules? Veins
Which vein is the phlebotomist’s first and usually best choice for venipuncture? Basilic vein
An anticoagulant is used to _____________________. keep blood from clotting
The primary function of red blood cells is _____________________. to carry oxygen
The normal life span of a red blood cell is _________ days. 120
Created by: Cynthia J.



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