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Final Quiz

Evacuated tubes that produce serum Red, SST, Navy Blue
Evacuated Tubes that should not clot Light Blue, PST, Green, Purple, Pink, PPT, Gray, Yellow
3 types of requisitions Computer, Manual, Barcode
Aluminum Navy Blue
Anti-HIV Red, SST
Antibody Screen Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple (rainbow)
Arsenic Navy Blue
Barbiturates Red
CBC Lavender
Cholesterol SST, PST
C-Reactive Protein Red, SST
Differential Lavender
Digoxin Red
Drug Analysis Red
Electrolytes SST, PST
ESR Lavender
Fibrinogen Light Blue
Glucose Gray
Hgb & Hct Lavender
Hepatic Function Panel SST, PST
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Red, SST
Lipase SST, PST
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) SST, PST
Prothrombin Time (PT) Light Blue
Partial Prothrombin Time (PTT) Light Blue
Renal Function Panel SST, PST
Reticulocyte Count Lavender
Troponin I SST, PST
Thyroid Profile SST, PST
Theophylline Red
Type and Rh Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple (rainbow)
Type & Crossmatch Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple (rainbow)
7 tests in a Hepatic Function Panel
AST, ALT, Albumin, Alkaline Phosphate, Total Bilirubin, Direct Bilirubin, Total Protein
2 specimens that must be kept cold Ammonia, ACTH, Lactic Acid
2 specimens that must be protected from light exposure Bilirubin, Vitamin A B & C
3 types of tests that can't be done on dermal puncture ESR, Coagulation studies, any test that requires a large volume of blood
5 special situations a phlebotomist may encounter Unconscious pt, family in room, pt not in room, pt is sleeping, Dr. or clergy with pt
4 situations which may cause a hematoma Needle partially inserted in vein, needle piercing through a vein, excessive/blind probing, not enough pressure applied after venipuncture
4 reasons a specimen may be rejected QNS, wrong tube, improperly labelled, not chilled
3 types of point-of-care testing Lipids, BMP, Bleed Time, Glucose, ABG
3 methods of urine collection Random, Midstream, Clean-Catch
4 things which must be on each label pt name, pt date of birth, time collected (in military time), phlebotomist initials
4 challenges of geriatric venipuncture Hearing loss, mental impairment, visual impairment, skin changes
Created by: Jasperonius



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