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Calcutt-Sci and Exp

Science and Exploration Vocabulary

Scientific Revolution series of events that led to the birth of modern science
logical reasoned, well thought out
principles basic beliefs, rules, or laws
theories explanations developed to explain observed facts
alchemy a forerunner of chemistry that experimented in turning common metals into gold
mechanics the study of objects and motion
barometer a device that measures air pressure
scientific method a step by step process for performing experiments and other scientific research
circumnavigate go all the way around, the globe
plantations a large farm
mercantilism a system in which the government controls all economic activity in order to make itself stronger and richer
capitalism a system in which individuals and private business run most industries
market economy what goods and services are bought and sold are determined by individuals within that economy
Spanish Armada a large fleet of Spanish naval ships sent to attack England in 1588
Columbian Exchange the exchange of plants, animals, and ideas between the New World (America) and the Old World (Europe)
Created by: calcutts