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Chapter 11

Special Procedures

when drawing a blood alcholol specimen, it is acceptable to clean the arm with benzalkonium
which of the following is the most critical part of blood culture collection antisepsis of the collection site
TDM peak concentration may be defined as the highest conentration of the drug during a dosing interval
in performing a glucose tolerance test, the fasting specimen is drawn at 08:15 hours and the patient finishes the glucose beverage at 08:20 hours. when should the 1-hour specimen be collected 09:20
what color is the stopper of a CTAD tube, for what type of test is it used and why Lt blue, coagulation; to inhibit platelet activation
removing a unit of blood from a patient and not replacing it is used as a treatment for polycythemia
which of the following test may require special chain-of -custody documentation when the specimen is collected drug screen
what type of specimen is needed for a guaiac test feces
which of the following test must have a 9:1 ratio of blood to anticoagulant in the collection tube protime
which of the following test are collected in a trace-element-free tube aluminum
common chemistry test performed by POCT instruments include Na and K
which of the following is a test that measures packed cell volume Hct
AABB american association of blood banks organizaion that sets guide lines for blood doner centers
ACT activated clotting time
anaerobic without air
aerobic with air
ARD antimicrobial removal decice; contains a resin that removes antimirobials from the blood
autologous blood that is donated for one's own use
BAC blood alcohol contcentration
bacteremia bacteria in the blood
BNP b-type natriuretic peptide (to much fluid in the heart); cardiac hormone produced by te heart in response to congestive heart failure
chain of custody special protocol for forensic specimen collections
compatibility blood suitability to be mixed for a doner
CRP C-reactive protein is a b-globulin found in the blood that responds to inflamation and can therefore be used as a sensitive though nonspecific marker of systemic inflamation disorders
EQC instrument which can detect problems with the specimen(i.e. clotting, short samples, air bubbles)
ETOH ethanol (blood alcohol test)
FAN fastiddious antimicrobial neutralization bottles contain activated charcoal
FUO fever of unknown origin
GTT glucose tolerance test; used to diagnose problems of carbohydrate metabolism, typically collected 30min, 1h, 2hr, 3hr, and so on after the glucose beverage
hCG human chorionic gonadotropin; hormone produced by the placenta that appears in both urine and serum approximately 10 days after conception
hyperglycemia blood glucose levels are increased
hypoglycemia blood glucose levels are decreased
hyperkalemia increased potassium levels
hypokalemia decreased potassium levels
hypernatremia increased sodium levels
hyponatremia decreased sodium levels
hypoxemia low level of oxygen in the blood
iCa2+ ionized calcium (accounts for approximately 45% of the calcium in the blood)
INR international normalized ratio (test on whole blood from a fingerstick to provide timely laboratory results)
K+ potassium (is the primarily concentrated within the cells, very little found in the bones and blood)
lactate a form of lactic acid that is used as a marker of the severity of metabolic acidosis and a patients stress response
lookback program to trace blood unit components to doner
lysis rupturing , as in the bursting of red blood cells
NIDA national institude on drug abuse
peak level drug level collected when the highest
POCT point of care testing; altenate site testing(AST) bedside, or near patient testing
PP postprandial (after a meal)
septicemia microorganisms or their toxins in the blood
TDM theraputic drug monitering; testing of drug levels at specific intervals to help establish a drug dosage to avoid drug toxicity
TGC tight glycemic index; intensive insulin therapy for glucose control
Tnl troponin I; protien specific to hear muscel levels rise within 3 to 6 hours and return to normal in 5 to 10 days
TnT troponin L; heart muscel protien that rise within 4hrs of onset and may stay elevated 14 days
trough level drug level collected when the lowest serum concentration of the drug is expected, usualy prior to administration of the next sheduled dose
the fasting specimen for a GTT is drrawn befor the test has actually begun
which of the following tube additive is preferred for the collection of a blood culture specimen sodium polyanethol sulfonate
TDM through concentration may be defined as the lowest concentration of the drug in the tissue
in performing a glucose tolerance test, the fast-ing specimen is drawn at 6:15 am and the patient finishes the glucose drink at 6:30 am. when should the 2hr specimen be collected 8:30
typical labeling requirements for a blood blank specimen include patient's date of birth and date and time of collection
withdrawing a unit of blood from a patient for therapeutic purposes is used as a treatment for polycythemia
during a GTT, which of the following is acceptabel allowing the patient to drink water at any time during the test
a stool specimen is needed for the ______ test guaiac
for what purpose is the oral glucose challenge test used to screen for gestational diabetes
autologous donation is performed to avoide a transfusion reaction
glycosylated hemoglobin is performed to monitor the effectiveness of therapy in which of the following conditions diabetes
prior to performing a test on a POCT instrument the phlebotomist should be able to operate the instrument correctly be familiar with the instrument's maintenance procedures understand the quality assurance aspects of the instrument
according to american red cross, persons wishing to donate blood must be at least 17 years old in most of the states
which of the following procedures is required for a BC using a chloroprep kit scrubbing for a full 2 minutes
blood bank specimens require which of the following identification information date and time of collection patient's date of bith patient's full name
the hemocue plasma/ low hemoglobin instrument is used to indicate iatrogenic anemia
peak and trough specimens are colledted for theraputic drug monitoring
in collecting blood cultures, one of the most frequent errors made is improper cleansing of the collection site
which of the following test does not require special chain-of-cutody documentation when collected TDM
which of the following POC test is used to monitor warfarin therapy ACT
pediatric blood cultures crates challenges because the antiseptic technique is different if you use chloroprep
hyperkalemia means increased potassium in the blood
postprandial refers to after eating a meal
in collecting a blood alcohol test or forensic purposes, he venipuncturesite can be cleaned with benzalkonium chloride
which of the fillowing should be removed from a list of test that the i-STAT instrument can measure CBC and PT
blood levels of this specific analyte begin to rise within 4hrs of an MI TNT
when does the lookback program occur when the blood service is made aware of a transfusion infection
molecular genetic testing require chain of custody protocol to be followed
in the DOT's 10 steps to collection sit security & integrity , drug screen testing is secured for collection of the urine specimen because employees must empty pockets and leave bags behind
monitoring the quality of waived testing being done at the bedside is a constant challenge for the laboratory because more test are classified as waived each year
copletely fillfed blue top, invert 3 to 4 times immediately after drawing. do not centrifuge or freeze if the sample needs to be transported prothrombin time (PT)
hemochromatosis a disease characterized by excess iron deposits in the tissue
blood culture (BC) specimens mostly collected in special bottles containing nutrient broth (medium) that encourages the growth of microorganisms. usually collected in two's anaerobic (without air) and aerobic (with air).
BC order when using a syringe an anaerobic bottle is filled first but when using a butterfly the aerobic bottle is filled first because of air in the tubbing.
trace element tube tubes made of materials that are as free of trace element contamination as possible. these tubes are typically royal blue.
trace element test it is best to draw it by itself if using a needle,tube assembly or a syringe, when using a syringe change the transfer device before filling the royal blue tube
fungemia fungal or yeast in the blood
Na sodium (is the most plentiful electrolyte in the blood)



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