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Midterm Exam

movement of a body part AWAY from the midsagittal. abduction
Movement of a body part TOWARD the midsagittal. adduction
ABNORMAL FIBROUS BAND or structure by which parts abnormally ADHERE. adhesion
listening for sounds produced within the body (heart,bowel, and lungs)... auscultation
A tailbone, medical term is coccyg. coccyx
establishing the cause and NATURE OF A DISEASE. diagnosis
excisional, removal ectomy
TECHNIQUE in which X-RAYS directed through the body.. visual examination. luminous fluoroscent fluoroscopy
HERNIA, swelling. cele
state of equilibrium... homeostasis
incisional, incision tomy
inflammation itis
PERTAINING TO BELOW, under or beneath the RIB. infra/cost/tal
any FUNGAL infection in or on the body. (abnormal condition of fungus) myc/osis
pertaining to sole of the foot plantar
PREDICTION of the course of a disease and its PROBABLE OUTCOME. prognosis
lying on abdomen, FACE DOWN. prone
study of x-rays. radiology
SPECIFIC PURPOSE OF REMOVAL. Also called EXCISION. To remove a part. resection
Pertaining to upper, above. Directed upward. superior
SUBJECTIVE indication of disease. union; together; joined symptom
pertaining to chest thorac/ic
process of recording beyond sound. High frequency sound waves... ultra/sono/graphy
pertaining to umbilicus. umbilic/al
also called ANTERIOR. Front of the body. ventral
abnormal dryness xerosis
medical word of SKIN. cutane/o, derm/o, dermat/o
sweat hidr/o, sudor/o
water hydr/o
dry, scaly ichthy/o
horny tissue; hard; cornea kerat/o
fat lip/o, adip/o, steat/o
black melan/o
fungus myc/o
nail onych/o
hair pil/o, trich/o
pus py/o
hardening; SCLERA. scler/o
sebum, sebaceous seb/o
scale squam/o
dry xer/o
appendix appendic/o, append/o
cheek bucc/o
bile, gall chol/e
bile vessel cholangi/o
gallbladder cholecsyt/o
bile duct choledoch/o
yellow cirrh/o, jaund/o, xanth/o
colon col/o, colon/o
duodenum(first part of small intestine) duoden/o
intestine (usually small intestine) enter/o
esophagus esophag/o
stomach gastr/o
gums gingiv/o
tongue gloss/o, lingu/o
liver hepat/o
ileum (third part of small intestine) ile/o
jejunum( second part of small intestine) jejun/o
lip labi/o, cheil/o
teeth odont/o, dent/o
mouth or/o, stomat/o
pancreas pancreat/o
pharynx pharyng/o
anus, rectum proct/o
pylorus pylor/o
saliva, salivary gland sial/o
albumin(protein) albumin/o
nitrogenous compounds azot/o
bacteria bacteri/o
bladder cyst/o
glomerulus glomerul/o
potassium(an electrolyte) kal/i
ketone bodies keton/o,ket/o
stone, calculus lith/o
opening,meatus meat/o
kidney nephr/o
night noct/o
scanty olig/o
pus py/o
renal pelvis pyel/o
urine, urinary tract ur/o
ureter ureter/o
urethra urethr/o
Created by: diosabel
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