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Unit 10 Review

Crusades and Renaissance

An area of land with its own sovereign government is called... Nation state
What were the four nations that arose during the late middle ages? France, Russia, England, and Spain
Who conquered and then united England? William the conqueror
What battled allowed William to ascend to the throne of England Battle of Hastings
The use of common law began under the rule of whom? King Henry
Who was forced to sign the Magna Carta King John
What is the body of government that makes laws in England parliament
Who started a dynasty in France Hugh Capet
Who fought during the 100 Years War France and England
Who was the French military leader who lead France during the 100 years war Joan of Arc
Who were the leaders of Spain who united the country under the Catholic Church Ferdinand and Isabella
Who (which groups) were expelled from Spain Moors and Jews
Who tried to expand the Spanish empire to include most of Europe and the Americas Charles V
Who united Russia after the Mongol defeat Ivan the Great
What was the unifying force in Russia during the late Middle Ages Orthodox Christianity
What are the crusades holy war between Muslims and Christians
Who started the Crusades Pope Urban II
What was the goal of the Crusades Retake the Holy Land
Which was the only successful crusade 1st crusade
Who was the Muslim Commander who retook Jerusalem Saladin
What was a positive effect of the crusade stimulated trade
What were the negative effects of the crusade Weakened Byzantines, weakened the power of the Pope, and left bitterness between Muslims and Christians
Which city fell to the Ottoman Turks Constantinople
The Bubonic Plague or Black death started on the continent of... Asia
What did Church scholars do in the Middle Ages Laid the foundation for universities and translated works into latin
Which institutions came about due to increase in trade after the Crusades banks
What is the ability to spend money that you do not currently have? credit
The adoption of these allowed for advanced book keeping Arabic Numerals
The Renaissance was centered in... Italy
Who painted the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo
Who painted the Last Supper and Mona Lisa Leonardo Da Vinca
What was the focus on the ability of humans Humanism
What is the name of the Italian philosopher who wrote the book called The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli
The book The Prince is about the absolute power of ruler and government
Who was the Renaissance poet who wrote sonnets Petrarch
Who wrote Praise of Folly Erasmus
Who wrote Utopia Sir Thomas Moore
Who were the band of nomadic warriors who conquered most of Europe and Asia The Mongols
What did the Magna Carta establish? a limit on the power of the king and rights to common people
Who are the clergy Religious people
Created by: MsWeigartz