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ajh religion


what is meditation? a type of prayer in which we are silent
what is contemplation? wordless prayer, simply for pleasure
what is temptation? everything that tries to turn us away from God
know why Jesus spent 40 days in the desert to pray before public ministry
know why the devil commanded Jesus to change stone into bread? to show he had power over jesus
know what the second temptation was i shall give you glory and power if you worship me
know what Jesus told the devil after the third temptation you shall not put the lord God to the test
know how Jesus responded to each temptation he responded threw scripture
know who gave JEsus the strength to overcome temptation holy spirit
know who Jesus is portayed in Luke's Gospel he portrayes prayer
know where Mother Teresa began her work with the poor streets of Calcutta
know what Mother Tereasa founded the missionary if charity
know what 3 things that are true about prayer it is difficult to pray, our life becomes a prayer, and it hepls us hear God's word
know who guides us through prayer holy spirit
know why we pray to have stength to do God's will
know exanples of vocal prayer traditional,personal, and spontanious prayer
know what opening our heatrs to God in different ways is prayer
know what Mother Tereasa prayed for to have courage not to leave her work by temptation
know what the lord is called in psalm 23 sheperd
know what interferes with our ability to pray distractions
describe 2 differences between meditation and contemplation one is when you think about God and respond to his presence, another is wordless prayer and when you rest in his presence
how might these forms of prayer help young peaople connect with God? by showing them how to think about his teachings and how he is present in our lives when we would pray to God in our minds and when we rest in his presence
Created by: marcrobertdillon
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