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Ancient China

Chinese vocabulary

loess Rich yellow,-brown soil deposited by China's rivers.
extended family Chinese tradition where as many as five generations of a family, including cousins , lived together.
primogeniture Tradition where the eldest male inherits the family's wealth & property, and is the center of authority, making all family-related decisions, such as punishment and arranging marriages.
Shang Dynasty The first Chinese civilization (1700 B.C.) that built China's first cities, developed writing, and produced high-quality bronze
silk A valuable cloth, originally made only in China ,from threads spun by silkworms fed mulberry leaves. China had a monopoly on silk, as its production was a highly-guarded secret.
terra cotta a hard ceramic-like clay used in pottery and building construction.
warlord a political leader of a private army
peasant a member of a class that makes its living through small-scale farming and labor
philosophy a system of beliefs and values
jade a hard, pale-green or white mineral; valued as a gemstone or as a material to carve boxes, jewelry, sculpture, and ornaments.
empire many territories and people who are controlled by one, all-powerful ruler
dike a protective wall that controls or holds back water
dynasty a series of rulers from the same family
Buddhism religion based on the belief that enlightenment comes from within oneself, rather that from worshiping gods
terracing staircase-like platform on hillsides that increase the amount of available land for cultivation, which also prevent erosion from heavy rains
"Middle Kingdom" Name the Chinese called their country because their isolation led them to believe they lived at the center of the world
civil service
Daoism or Taoism
Shi Huang-di
Liu Bing
Kublai Khan
Qin Dynaasty
Han Dynasty
Ming Dynasty
Tang Dynasty
Genghis Khan
Great Wall of China
Silk Road
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