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Global pract 1 2018

Global review 5-10-18

primary source first hand account, diary, journal, eyewitness account
secondary source second hand account, textbook, biography
Nationalism strong pride in your country
Imperialism When a country takes over another country
Zulus South African warriors who fought against British imperialism
Sepoy mutiny Indian soldiers who rebelled against British imperialism
Boxer Rebellion Chinese nationalists who fought against British imperialism
John locke natural rights, life, liberty pursuit of property
Scientific Revolution Geocentric view to heliocentric view, scientific method
Archipelago A chain of islands, Hawaii, Japan
Peninusula land surrounded by water on 3 sides, India, Spain
Berlin conference The meeting that carved up Africa for European imperialism
White mans' Burden A poem about European Imperialism
Archduke Ferdinand His assassination begins WWII
Peter the Great Modernize & Westernize Russia
Meiji Restoration Modernize & Westernize Japan
Japan Archipelago, no natural resources
Peace, land & Bread Slogan for the Russian Revolution
1st, 2nd, 3rd Estate French revolution, inequality in the taxes
Potato Famine Ireland's potatoes went rotten, British Imperialism
Simon Bolivar, Jose de San Martin Latin American Revolutionary leaders
The Father Head of the household in Latin American Countries
Napoleon & Hitler The two individuals that tried to invade Russia but it was too big and cold
Apartheid Segregation laws in South Africa
Nelson Mandela Went to jail for 27 years, first Elected black South African President, he tried to eliminate Apartheid
Gandhi Passive Resistance, helped India gain Independence from the British
Cold War USA vs USSR compete in a verbal war over capitalism and communism
Berlin Wall Communist symbol of the Cold war, when the wall comes down it symbolizes the end of the Cold war
Suez & Panama Canal Two canals that were built to decrease the distance between trade routes
Created by: ygarcia13