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AP Human Geo 1-4 P1

AP Human Geo 1-4

simple square, accurate in middle Mercatar Maps/ Map Distortion
using the curve of the Earth as a shortcut, Titanic Great Cirle Routes
3+ satellites needed, Global Poitioning system GPS
Computer Maps with many layers.Geographical Information Systems GSI
Geographer. Theory,Cultural Landscape. Carl Sauer
Carl Sauer _________ came up with the theory of Cultural Landscape
The way humans have impacted nature and how it effects us, buildings. Manmade structures define the culture of a specific area to create a more productive life. Cultural Landscape
place names people place on land, settlements, terrainm terrain features, streams etc. Toponyms
The belief that cultures are dierctl or indierctly shaped by the physical enviornment. Enviornmental Determinism
The belief that humans, rather than physical enviornment, are primary active force; enviorment offers various wasys to develop culture and that choices are mainly guided by cultural heritage. Possibilism
theory proposing that women are inherently better enviornmental preservations that men. Ecofeminism
A region inhabited by people who have one or more one cultural traits in common. [ languages, religion, ethnicity] Formal Cultural Regions
model,pttern,traits comparing and differing from one another Core Periphery
An area that functions as a unit politically, socially, or economically. [Examples: city, independent state church , parish, trade area, farm, Fed. Resrv. Dist.] Functional Cultural Regions [Examples]
center of a functional region [Ex: city halls, nat. captals, Omaha World Herald-Downtown] Nodes [Examples]
Percieved region [Ex: Midwest- Dorthy Lynch Vernacular regions [*Give Examples]
Characteristics of a culture [Ex: religion, Muslims pray 5 times a day] Culture Traits [Examples]
Spatial standardization diminishing regional variety; may result in spread of popular culture destroying uniqueness.[Ex: Walgreens and Walmart everywhere] Placeslessness [Examples]
Spread of ideas throughout a population, from area to area,in a snowballing process. Expansive Diffusion
From important person/place to important person/place, then to everyone else [Ex: Princ, Teachers, Stud.] Hierarchial Diffusion
Bringing culture with you when you move [Ex: Italians] Relocative Diffusion
When you become part of a culture completely, swallowed up [Ex: American Melting Pot] Assimilation [Examples]
When you take the big culture so you can fit in, but still keep your own culture.[Ex: ESL Students] Acculturation [Examples]
Dillution in culture with increasing time and distance from origin. Time Distance Decay
Where the culture gathers, heart of culture.[Ex: Amish, Pennsylvania, were orginially spread from] Culture Hearths [Examples]
simple, less technology, tradtion, rural, Amish Folk culture Characteristics [Examples]
heterogenous, fads, change [Ex: music, dance, clothing, food pref.] Pop Culture Characteristics [Examples]
All physical, tangible objects made by members of cult. group [Ex: Clothing, buildings, tools, instrum., furn., art] Material Culture [Examples]
[Ex: Wide range of tales, songs lore, beliefs, custums passes from gen. to gen. as part of oral or written trad.] Non-Material Culture [Examples]
In Pennsylvania (Dutch), german. Faith, family, Friends. *Barn Raising. horses & bugys Amish
AKA Crele.Lower part of Lousiana [Came from Canada, English w/ French accent]. Eat alligator, fish, raised homes, zinoko music. Cajun
Small shotgun shacks, sharecropping African American South Cultures
Structures built by members of a fold society ina trad. manner and style using locally available raw materials. Folk Architecture
A site where tradgedy and violence occured [Ex: World Trade Center] Shadowed Ground [Examples]
A group of related laguages derived from a common ancestor. Language Families/Groups
Largest most widespread language family 50% Indo European [Examples]
Language family, Africa-Middle East two major divisions- Semitic and Hamatic 6% Afro ASiatic [Examples]
Language family, China- Southeast Asia 24% Sino-Tibetan [Examples]
Under Indo European. [Ex: French, Italian, Spanish] Romance Languages [Examples]
Under Indo- European. [Ex: German, English] Germanic Languages [Examples]
The borders of individual words or pronuncitations. Isoglasses
Different version of same language[Ex: freeway, turnpike, expressway. South] Dialects [Examples]
language made up of tw of more languages into a simplified structure and vocab. Pidgin Languages
Common Language everyone can speak [Ex: English, Swahili West Africa] Lingua Franca
Multlanguage region [Ex: Hebrew, US, Nigeria, east Africa] Polygots & Bilingual Countries
Created by: adamma
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