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Social Studies Final

resources What are the things that can be used or have value?
region What is an area with one or more features that make it different from surrounding areas?
landform What are the natural features of the land's surface called?
primary sources What do you call an account of an event created by someone who took part in or witnessed the event?
secondary sources What is the information gathered by someone who did not take part in or witness an event called?
archaeology What is the study of the past based on what people left behind?
archaeologists Who are the people who practice archaeology? (Hint: They explore places where people once lived, worked or fought)
longitude What are the lines that run north and south but measure east and west called?
prime meridian What is an imaginary line circling the earth, separating the earth into the eastern and western hemisphere called?
latitude What are the lines that run east and west, but measure north and south called?
equator What do you call an imaginary line that circles the earth halfway between the north and south pole?
culture What is the knowledge, beliefs, customs, and values of a group of people called?
hunter gatherer Who are people who hunt animals and gather wild plants, seeds, fruits, and nuts to survive?
prehistory What is the time before writing called?
early people Who are the people that migrated from Africa to Asia, who also spread from Southeast Asia to Europe called?
Neolithic Age What is another name for the "New Stone Age"?
land bridge What is a strip of land connecting two continents?
Nile Delta
Upper Egypt
Lower Egypt
Rosetta Stone
Muslims Who were the people who practice the religion of Islam?
Muhammed Who did the Muslims believe was their messiah?
Quran What was the Holy Book of the Islam religion?
Muhammed Jesus is similar to _________________ as the Bible is similar to the Quran
The Five Pillars What are the religious duties that the Muslims performed called?.
jury Who hears evidence and makes decisions in a court of law? Jury 8.
by cutting off their food supply. How did the Spartans win the Peloponnesian War?
spreading Greek Culture Although Alexander the Great’s empire did not last, his short rule had far-reaching effects. What was one of the most important was?
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