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Middle East Accelera

GSE Middle East Acceleration Unit 1 Vocabulary Review

Monotheism - belief that there is only one God
Polytheism- belief in many gods
Judaism - religion based on the teachings of Moses as found in the Torah and in the laws of the Talmud
Jew - person whose religion is Judaism
Talmud and Torah - Jewish literature that contains the teachings, traditions and laws of Judaism
Christianity - the religion based on the teachings of Christ as they appear in the Bible
Christian - person whose religion is Christianity
Jesus - founder of the Christian religion; name means "God is Salvation"
Bible - Christian literature with the teachings and traditions from the Old and New Testament
Islam - religion based on the teachings of Muhammad as they appear in the Qur'an (Koran), religion of Muslims
Muslim - person whose religion is Islam
Muhammad - Arab prophet and founder of Islam
Qur'an (Koran) - Islamic literature with the teachings of Muhammad
Oasis - fertile spot in the desert where there is water and some vegetation
Nomad - member of a tribe which moves from place to place
Tribe - a group of people united by common ancestry and customs
Caravan - group of merchants, pilgrims, etc. traveling together for safety through difficult or dangerous country
Trade Route - the path taken by merchants through countries to conduct trade
BC- abbreviation of "before Christ"; used to describe the years prior to the year 0; interchangeable with BCE which means "before Common Era"
AD- abbreviation of "Anno Domini" or after Christ; used to describe the years following the year 0; interchangeable with CE which means "Common Era"
Created by: jpkelley