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Pre WWII and Stocks

Set covers subjects on the Rise of Totalitarianism and the Stock Market Crash

Question or TermAnswer or Definition
Bull Market The stock market when it is on a constant rise.
Bear Market The stock market when it is on a constant downfall
Stocks Portions of a publicly owned company that are for sale
Shares Specific parts of a company (the %)
Surplus An abundance of goods due to not enough buyers
Scarcity Not enough goods for the buyers needs
Margin buying Purchasing stocks with borrowed money
Recession Recession is an extended period (6 months at least) of economic struggle
Depression Depression is a severe recession 10% decline in GDP
Aryan Race The Aryan people were seen as Hitler’s ideal human creations
Groups targeted by Adolf Hitler Jews, Lesbian, Gay, Handicapped, Etc….
Gestapo Hitler’s secret police force used to take out opposing parties in charge of domestic affairs made up of Marines
Collective farms Collaborative farms ran by Kulaks who worked together under Stalin’s reign in order to make as much money
Fascism Fascism is the government style controlled by dictator with total control over military, religion, economics, and daily life of its people
Fascist views on religion Preferred Atheism
Roll Benito Mussolini had in fascism as political policy Mussolini was the first fascist in Europe (Italy)
Differences between Communism and Fascism Communism had classless societies and wanted to spread world wide, whereas Fascism was very strict on the class system. Very defined upper class and lower class. They wanted to become better by conquering. Both hated democracy and socialism.
Gulags Work camps that Kulaks got sent to by Stalin when they were not making quota on farms and to show peasants that he meant business
Black Shirts The group that had helped Mussolini take over, they were mainly veterans and enraged civilians who wanted a fascist government.
Mein Kampf what is it translated to English and what was it My Struggle, Hitler wrote this book in prison
Stalin’s 5 year plan Stalin’s plan to make the Russian economy better through industrialization, transportation (infrastructure), and agricultural endeavors
Victor Emmanuel The Italian king who was a socialist man in a high position of power. He was overthrown by Mussolini and the fascist party.
The March on Rome Attack on Rome that was the final movement by the political party in order to take control of the Italian government.
The Great Purge and Show Trials Used by Stalin to get rid of high government officials, veterans, soldiers, writers, philosophers, engineers, or anyone that disagreed with him by killing them, sending them out of the country, or to gulags.
Nuremberg Laws Took away all basic human rights and citizenship from the Jewish people.
Atheism The lack of religion (faith) where you do not believe in any god.
Kellogg Briand Pact Created by America this was a treaty signed to limit the amount of government and weapons a country had to try to avoid another war. Idea of Disarmament.
Maginot Line The line that represents the border of France and Germany
Weimar Republic - fall of Political party in charge of Germany post WWI. They were seen as weak for signing the Treaty of Versailles, and they created Germany’s inflation by printing too much money
What were wealthy farm owners in the Soviet Union called Kulaks
The believe that Germany must expand and gain more “living space” Lebensraum
Mussolini and Hitler both practiced this Fascism
Industry, infrastructure, _____ Agriculture
Benito Mussolini Fascist leader of Italy
Totalitarian state This form of government is a one party dictatorship, to regulate every aspect of the lives of citizens
Command economy Government officials made all basic economic decisions
Socialist realism Show Soviet life in a positive light and promote hope in the communist future
Russification Making a nationality’s culture more Russian
Comintern Encourage world wide revolution
Chancellor A prime minister/leader
Ruhr Valley Coal rich area operated by France
Created by: Parker H.