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Squence Juliet

Post-WWII-Setting The Stage Development Of The Non-Western World

Communes Large collective farms found mainly in communist China
Red Guards Young Chinese who learned the revolutionary ways of Mao Zendong, left the classroom and formed militia
Cultural Revolution An uprising whose goal it was to establish a society of peasants and workers in which all were equal
Congress Party India's national political party, once known as the Indian National Congress, most members were Hindu
Muslim League A political organization formed in India to protect Muslim interests
Partition The term given to the division of India between Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India
Negritude Movement A movement to celebrate African culture, heritage, and values
Two-state Solution A political fix to the need for both a separate homeland for Jews and a separate homeland for Palestinians
PLO An organization charged with forming a Palestinian state
Intifada Palestinian uprisings with in Israel that expressed frustrations and called for campaigns of civil disobedience and in some cases violence
Oslo Peace Accords A peace agreement signed between Israel ad the PLO that allowed self-rule in the Gaza strip and the West Bank
Mujahideen Holy warriors that formed to flight against the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union
Taliban A conservation Islamic group that took control of Afghanistan after the Soviet occupation
Land Reform Breaking up large estates and distributing land to the peasants
Recession A slow down in the economy of a country
PRI The main political party in Mexico that brought to stability throughout the later part of the 20th century
Dissidents Those who are against the current government in power
Apartheid A policy created used in Africa to completely separate races
Martial Law Temporary military rule imposed by a government
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