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Sequence Hotel

World War II

Blitzkrieq "Lightening war", involving fast-moving airplanes and tanks followed by massive infantry forces
Nonaggression Pact A secret pact in which Germany and the Soviet Union agreed to not fight over Poland but rather divide it and conquer
Aryans The "master race" according to Hitler, he claimed all non-Aryan people to be inferior, such as the Jewish people
Ghettos Segregated Jewish areas for living, later these areas were sealed off to allow for no one to leave
Final Solution A direct plan of action by Hitler to kill Jews
Genocide The systematic killing of an entire people
D-Day The date June 6, 1944 set for operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy
Kamikazes Japanese suicide pilots that would fly their bombfilled lanes into allied ships
Atomic Bomb A new weapon capable of killing thousands of people in one instance
Demilitarization A process by which the remaining enemy army disbands and has nothing left but a small police force to ensure safety
Democratization The process of creating a government elected by the people
United Nations An international organization that was intended to protect members from aggression
Iron Curtain A phrase coined by Winston Churchill representing the division between democratic western European countries and Communist eastern European countries
Containment A policy used to directly block Soviet influence and stop expansion of Communism
Cold War The struggle over political differences carried on by means of short military action, A time period of tension between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.
NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organization that formed by western democracies as a defensive military alliance during the cold war
Warsaw Pact A response by the Soviet Union to the NATO formation by which the U.S.S.R and other eastern European nations formed defensive alliances
Brinkmanship The game played by the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. by which both sides demonstrated willingness to go the brink, or edge of nuclear war
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