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Sequence Golf

The Aftermath of World War I & Russian Revolution

Self-Determination Allowing people to decide for themselves what government they wished to live under
Proletariat The working class people
Bolshevik A radical Marxist group of revolutionaries that wanted to change Russia
Soviet (s) Local councils consisting of workers, peasants, and soldiers that influence beyond that of the provisional government
Communist Party The name taken by the Bolshevik party to describe the Marxist belief of a classless society
Totalitarianism A government that takes total control over every aspect of public and private life
Command Economy A system in which the government makes all the economic decisions
Five-Year Plan Plans formed under Stalin for development of the Soviet Union's economy
Collective Farms Large government owned farms
Civil Disobedience The deliberate and public refusal to obey an unjust law
Boycott Refusal to buy certain products
Hyper Inflation A scenario that involves the value of money decreasing causing the prices of products to increase at a very fast rate over a short amount of time
Fascism A militant political movement that emphasized loyalty to the state and obedience to its leader. No clearly defined theory or program for success
Nazism A germen brand of fascism
Lebensraum The idea of more living space put forward by German government as a reason for expansion
Appeasement Giving into the aggressor in order to keep peace at all costs
Axis Powers The alliance made up of Germany, Italy and Japan to defend each other
Autocrat A ruler who has complete control
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