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Sequence Charlie

L. American Revolution & Effects 1804-1848

Peninuslares People who are born in Spain yet lived in S. America holding exclusive right to high offices in the government
Creoles Spaniards born in S. America ranked below peninsulars and could not hold high offices in government, but could rise to high ranks in thee military
Mulattos Persons of mixed European and African ancestry, found near the bottom of the social ladder
Mestizos Persons of mixed European and S. American ancestry, found near the bottom of the social ladder
Nationalism A feeling of common customs, heritage and ethnicity that brings people together for a cause
Liberator A name given to the people in S. America that helped free S. America from the rule of Europeans
Conservative People in Europe that argued to protect traditional monarchies, usually owning property and holding noble titles
Liberal People in Europe that wanted parliamentary and representative government, usually they were business class people and enterprising landowners
Radical People in Europe that favored drastic change to give suffrage to all people and continue the ideals of the French Revolution, usually they were poor farmers
Nation-State A geographic location that has political boundaries created by common ethnicity, heritage and customs
Enlightened Despots Monarchs that embraced the new ideas and reforms of the Enligtenment
Created by: cmbinder197