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Sequence Charlie

Democratic Revolutions

Old Regime The social and political system in France prior to the revolution of 1789
Estates The way in which people in France were Divided
National Assembly The name of the representative body formed when the third estate broke away to create its own laws and reforms
Reforms Changes that are for the better
Sympathizer A person who can understand what someone else is going through
Political Spectrum The range of beliefs that any one movement or group can have at any one time
Faction A group with in a group that can have vastly different beliefs
Legislative Asseembly A law making body created by the National Assembly to create laws
Emigres Nobles and others who had fled France in hopes they could undo the revolution and restore the Old Regime
Sana-culottes Parisian workers and shopkeepers who wanted the revolution to bring even greater change in France
Jacobins A radical political club
Redistribution Taking from one thing and giving it to another
Coup d'etat A sudden seizure of power or "blow to the state"
Plebiscite A vote of the people
Concordat An agreement with the church or Pope
Lycees Government run schools under Napoleon
Continental System A policy that was set up to restrict trade and communication between Great Britain and France
Blockade A forcible closing of ports
Guerrillas A way of fighting that used small group tactics, like ambush and hit and run
Scorched-earth Policy A military tactic that involved burning fields of crops and slaughtering livestock, so as to leaving nothing for the enemy
Balance of Power A political term used to describe a situation by which no one country could threaten the existence of the others
Legitimacy The political term to describe the idea that as many ruling families as possible should be restored to power
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