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Sequence Bravo

Revolution In Thought (1500-1900)

Geocentric Theory An earth-centered view of the universe. Connected with the church theory that God had set the earth in the center
Heliocentric Theory A sun centered view of the universe. It directly contradicted what the church had stated to followers for hundreds of years
Scientific Method A logical procedure for gathering and testing ideas
Social Contract An agreement by which the people created a government
Enlightenment A revolution in thought that sought new insight into beliefs regarding government, religion, economics, and education
Philosophes Social critics, mostly in France, that believed people could apply reason to all aspects of life
Natural Rights Rights that people are born with to include, life, liberty, and property
Emulate To aspire and try to be like someone, used by Wollstonescraft, to inspire women to try and be like men
Secular To separate things such as government and religion. A non-religious outlook on how the world works
Neoclassical An artistic style that borrowed ideas and themes from classical Greece and Rome. Simple and elegant
Enlightened Despots Monarchs that embraced the new ideas and reforms of the Enlightenment
Salon Events in Paris and throughout Europe where philosophers, writers, artists, scientists and other great intellects met to discuss ideas
Paradigm A shift in the way many people think that establishes a new foundation for thought but does not get rid of old way of thinking completely
"Clockmaker" Newton's name for the role that God played in setting all things in motion from the start
Contrast Difference, not the same
Reason Making sense of things, application of logic, verification of facts
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