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BMD Chapter 19

Be My Disciples Chapter 19

conscience helps us to know right and wrong
sanctify to make holy
sanctifying grace given to us at baptism - heals sin and helps us to become holy
cardinal main
actual grace grace/strength for the moment
temptations things/people who try to lure us into sin
mortal sin sin that separates us from God's grace
venial sin smaller sin that weaken our love for God and one another
virtue firm habit of doing good
vice firm habit of doing bad
Your word is a _______unto my feet and a light unto my __________. Psalm 119:105 lamp, path
Who is called to holiness? everyone
someone who has made it to heaven is called a ________ saint
What is a well formed conscience? one that was formed by prayer, the word of God and good role models of faith
justice virtue that helps us give to God what is due Him and to others what they have a right to
prudence virtue that helps us to make wise choices
temperance a virtue that helps us use self control - to "temper" our behavior
fortitude a virtue that helps us to remain firm in faith in spite of hard times
When do we receive sanctifying grace? At our baptism
When is the gift of sanctifying grace strengthened within us? At Confirmation
When we knowingly and freely choose to do or say something we know is against God's will, this is_____. Sin
This kind of sin must be confessed in reconciliation in order to be absolved. Mortal
The more we train ourselves to do good (live a life of virtue), the less room we have for ________ in our lives. vice
Name 4 of the deadly sins or vices pride, greed, envy, lust, gluttony, laziness, anger
Why are the 7 deadly sins/vices called deadly? because they can lead to more serious sins if they become habit
Created by: Dana Doyle
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