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World Culture


After the plague, what happened? The standard of the living rose
Areas of Europe became specializes industries. What did England, France, HRE, Venice, and Milan sell? England- wool. France- wine. HRE- wheat/wine/grains. Venice- glass. Milan- weapons.
Italian merchants created what industry? Banking
The Medici family sold what? Insurance
What company was established? Joint Stock Companies
Greeks settled in Italy as what? Ottoman pressed westward introducing many Greek works
The Renaissance was the _______ ____ _________ ________. Rebirth of ancient ideas
Why Italy? They had a great location (access to many countries and water), good trade and business, and they were wealthy.
What did the Humanist believe? Life should be lived to the fullest and that everyone is important.
Examples of Humanism Movies, books, music, theatre, etc.
Who created Humanism? Francesco Petrarch
Other than creating Humanism, what did Petrarch do? He inspired scholars to peruse a classical education.
What did Dante Alighieri do? He wrote a trilogy (the Divine Comedy) where he travels through Purgatory and Hell.
Cities struggle to maintain a _____ _____ ______ in Italy. Balance of Power
Due to the decrease of the balance of power, what do some city states become? Independent Republic
What two 'groups' did the city states support? HRE and the Church
By the 15th century, _______ and _______ were in the South, _____ _____ in Central, and ________ _______ in the North Naples and Sicily, Papal States, Independent States
In 1453, Florence, Milan, Genoa, and Venice do what? They subdue neighbors and remain free
What is a Renaissance Man? A man who is skilled in many subjects
Who is the greatest example of a Renaissance Man? Why? Leonardo DiVinci because he was an inventor, artist, scientist, engineer, musician, and writer.
Who was Baldassare Castiglione? He was an example of the Renaissance Man, wrote the Book of Courtier (it sets rules about what to do in social events)
What did Niccolo Machiavelli do? He wrote The Prince (a book for upcoming rulers) who had a less ideal attitude towards politics
Who was Giotto? He was one of the first Renaissance artists. He is the father of perspective drawing and famous for his Francis of Assisi depictions.
What did Donatello create? He was the first one to create the free standing sculpture since ancient times.
What did Raphael do? He added more color to his art work. Famous for the Sistine Chapel walls, School of Athens, and Madonna and Child. He transformed Mary and Jesus into ordinary people without halos and veils (humanism).
What did Leonardo create? The Mona Lisa, Last Supper, Notebooks, Flying Machines, Tanks, and Automobiles.
What are some of Michelangelo Buonarroti's works? The Sistine Chapel ceiling, Last Judgement, David, Moses, and Pieta.
The Northern Renaissance spread from __________ to the rest of ________. Italy, Europe
Local influences gave it what? A different flair
What did Johannes Gutenberg invent? He invented a movable metal type and the printing press which led to books being mass produced.
Who brought Mathematics and Medicine to Spain? Muslims
Who was Erasmus? He was a Humanist from the Netherlands who wrote Praise of Folly. He also called for church reforms.
What did Sir Thomas More do? More wrote Utopia which is a fantasy where everything is perfect. He was later beheaded by Henry VIII.
Elizabethan Age definition Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne during Tudor England
Who were two people in the Elizabethan Age? William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe
Who was Albrecht Durer? He was a German artist who was famous for woodworks and engravings. He was the first person to have mass produced artwork in the West.
Who was Hans Holbein? He was a court painter in Northern Europe who created portraits of Erasmus, Sir Thomas More, and King Henry VIII.
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