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Unit 9 Review

Review for Unit 9 Exam

Japanese architecture is influence by whom Chinese
Which country brought written language to Japan? China
Which trade route connected Asia to Europe and included the city of Constantinople? Silk Road
Which trade route started in India and ended in Europe? Indian Maritime
Which kingdom is located on the Nile River? Axum
What was the major religion of Axum? Christianity
Which kingdom is located between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers? Zimbabwe
What were the 3 major West African Empires? Ghana, Mali, and Songhai
This empire was located in the Andes Mountains Incan Empire
Which Western Hemisphere Civilization built a road system that connected the empire? Incans
What is the most important river in West Africa? Niger River
Tenochtitlan was the capital of which empire? Aztec
What is the indigenous religion of Japan called? Shintoism
What religion did the Chinese bring to Japan? Buddhism
Where did the Aztecs live? Central Mexico
On the Silk Road, what technologies were traded that came from the Middle East? Waterwheels and windmills
Paper money, compass, silk, and porcelain were all goods that were traded on which trade route? Silk Road
Which country had the most influence over japan? China
What is the name of the trading and learning center of West Africa? Timbuktu
What was most likely traded in Timbuktu? gold and salt
What is the indigenous religion of Africa? Animism
What is the name of the most important ancient Incan site? Machu Pichu
Where were the Mayans located? Central American Rainforests
Ancestor worship and a connection to nature are characteristics of what religion Shintoism
What type of religion is practiced by all 3 Meso American civilizations? Polythiesm
One major technology that was traded across the Indian Ocean was.... Lateen Sail
What 2 items were the most important goods traded in Africa? Gold and Salt
Which trade route connects Africa to Sub-Saharan Africa? Trans-Saharan trade route
What was traded along the Black Sea and Western Europe Trade Routes? Amber
Why was Japan considered to be isolated it was a chain of islands
During the Middle Ages what was traded along trade routes technology goods and ideas
What is the capital of Zimbabwe Great Zimbabwe
What did the Mayans develop Calendar and Math
Chichen Itza is the major urban center of which empire? Mayan
What was the Aztec economy built upon agriculture and tributes from conquered tribes
What separates holy space from ordinary space in Shintoism? Tori Gate
Created by: MsWeigartz