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Ancient China

Use to help study for your Ancient China Unit Test

Gobi Desert separates north China.
Silt Deposits This helped farmer grow crops.
Yu the Great Started the Xia dynasty
Shang Social Order Nobles Artisans Farmers Slaves
Writing System The Shang were the first to create a
Analects The name of the book that complied all of the teachings of Confucius.
Daoism Says all people should live in harmony with nature.
Laozi Famous Daoist Teacher
Ying Zheng First emperor of the Qin dynasty. He gave himself the name "Shi Huangdi" which mean first emperor. Believed in Legalism.
Great Wall of China Was built to help protect China From invaders.
Liu Bang Liu Bang (lee-oo bang) was a peasant who ended becoming the first emperor of the Han dynasty.
Wudi took over after Liu Bang. Wudi made Confucianism the official government policy of China.
Family Structure Was the highest importance to the Chinese during the Han dynasty.
Iron plow and wheelbarrow till more land and raise more crops. farming was better.
Silk Road Trade route that started in China and ended by the Mediterranean sea. It made China rich. It was 4,000 miles long.
Punishable by death Share silk was a crime that was ________________________ because the Chinese didn't want to share this skill and loss money.
Huang-He river Was known as "China's Sorrow"
Shang Period influenced writing in China.
Han Social Class (Confusions Social Structure) Farmers are higher then Merchants
Han Artisits Painted art the showed daily living in China.
Shang Military Made armor and weapons. This made their army strong and advanced.
Zhou Government Used land to make the load loyal to them.
Jade A green gem stone.
Ethics Moral values
Shi Huangdi Unified China by make all the Laws, money and language the same.
Seismograph A devise that was used to measure earthquakes.
Sundial A devise used to tell time using the sun and shadows.
Acupuncture the practice of inserting small needles through the skin at a specific points to cure disease or relieve pain.
Wheelbarrow Single wheeled cart.
Silk a soft, light, highly valued fabric
Diffusion the spread of ideas from one culture to another.
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