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Green Book #2

Letter to the Philippians

What is a city in what is now Europe where Paul established the first Christian community Philippi
Paul visited Philippi on his ______ missionary journey second
The letter was written between ________. AD 59-63
St. Paul probably wrote hte second part while in prison in ______. Rome
St. Paul _______________ for the church in Philippi. had strong feelings
Philippians were discouraged because of the __________________. hospitality of non-christian neighbors
Philippians were also at odds with one another and _____________________. Paul admonished or scolded them
the letters to the Philippians is probably a combination of ___________________. three different letters
what is a plant used for making paper scrolls? papyrus
We are privileged to have Paul’s letter to the Philippians because __________________________. we can relate to some of the same things they are going through
Paul’s feelings and emotions helped him because he was _______________. enthusiastic about Jesus.
Paul commands us to _______ because we have been given new life in Christ. rejoice
what are the theological virtues? faith hope and love
what is an effective, good, or beneficial quality that helps us to do good virtue
St. Paul tells us to ___________ so we can stay focused on whatever is honorable, pure, lovely, gracious, and excellent live a life of virtue
what is a letter from Pope to teach about faith. Encyclical
Luke got a _____ today. Detention
What is the difference between a missionary and an evangelist? both spread christianity to other people but a missionary travels to new places but an evangelist does have to.
Why are we privileged to have Saint Paul’s advice in the letter to the Philippians today? we can relate to the letters because the philippians were judged by their faith and we can apply Paul's advice to stay strong and confident in our faith
What does Saint Paul mean by telling the Philippians to stay focused on whatever is honorable, pure, lovely, gracious, and excellent? live a virtuous life by staying focused on God and don't get distracted by the world
How did Saint Paul’s feelings and emotions affect his work as an Apostle? he was enthusiastic, this encouraged people to listen because he was being more convincing to his followers and people were more attracted to his message. His energy helped him to preserve
What reason did the Philippians have to rejoice? because eventually they will get to heaven and be united with God
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