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chapter 8

Venipuncture Procedures

a vein that has patency has bounce and resilience to it
which type of test requisition has been shown to decrease laboratory errors bar coded
the time is 07:50 hours. you have received the following test requests on different patients. which test specimen should you collect first? cortisol ordered for 8:00
a student ask the patient for permission to draw a blood specimen. which of the following aswers implies that the student does not really have permission? yes, but I would rather not
you have a request to collect a stat specimen. a doctor is with the patient when you arrive. what should you do? excuse yourself and politely ask the doctor if you can do the draw
you are in the process of identifying an inpatient, the patient's verbal confirmation of name and date of birth matches the requisition but the medical record number is different. what should you do? do not collect the specimen untill the problem has beed adressed and resolved
you are a phlebotomy student on rotation at an outpatient site. a patient who seems extremely apprehensive about having her blood drawn tells you that she is afraid of needles. what should you do? ask an experienced phlebotomist to perform the draw for you
there are two patients in a room. one of them has a latex allergy. you have a request to collect a blood specimen on the other one, How should you proceed? do not take anything that contains lates into the room
the best way to judge patency of a vein is to roll your finger from side to side while pressing against it
which of the following statements describes proper venipuncture technique? fill additive tubes until the vacume is exhausted
what is the most critical error a phlebotominst can make? misidentifying a patient specimen
which needle can be removed from the blood collection unit before disposal? syringe needle
when should additive tubes be mixed? as soon as they are removed from the holder
you have made two unsuccessful attempts while trying to collect an ASAP specimen on an inpatient. the specimen cannot be collected by skin puncture. what should you do next? ask another phlebotomist to collect it
the proper way to transfer blood from a syringe into an ETS tube is to safely remove needle and attached a transfer device to fill the tube
how can you tell that you are in a vein when drawing blood with a butterfly? blood usually appears in the tubbing
you are performing a venipuncture on a difficult vein using a butterfly. you have an SST and a light-blue-top tube to collect. how do you proceed? draw a clear tube, fill and mix the light blue top, then fill and mix the SST
interventions to ease pain in collecting blood specimens from infants include EMLA
skin changes in elderly patients can make it harder to anchor veins
which type of disease is most likely to cause tremors? parkinsons
NPO means nothing by mouth
the following test orders for different patients have been received at the same time. which test would you collect first stat glucose in er
a member of the clergy is with the patient when you arrive to collect a routine specimen. what should you do? come back after the clergy person has gone
you are asked to collect a blood specimen from an inpatient. the patient is not wearing a Id band. what is the best thing to do ask the patients nurse to put an id band on the patient before you draw the specimen
if a patient adamantly refuses to have blood drawn, you should notify the patients nurse or physician
an inpatient is eating breakfast when you arrive to collect a fasting glucose. what is the best thing to do consult with the patient's nurse to see if the specimen should be collected
after cleaning the venipuncture with alcohol, the phlebotomist should allow the alcohol to dry completely
the tourniquet should be released as soon as possible, before the needle is removed from the arm, within 1 min of its application
what is the recommended angle of needle insertion whan performing venipuncture on an arm vein and on a hand vein, respectively 30degrees or less, 10 degrees or les
after inserting a butterly needle, the phlebotomist must "seat" it, meaning slightly thread it within the lumen of the vein
blood collection tubes are labeled immediately after specimen collection
what is the best approach to use on an 8yr who needs to have blood drawn explain the draw in simple terms and ask for the childs cooperation
which type of patient is most likely to have an arteriovenous fistula or graft dialysis
which of the following is proper procedure when dealing with an elderly patient make certain to hold adequate pressure after the draw until bleeding stops
where is the tourniquet applied when drawing a hand vein proximal to the wrist bone
specimen hemolysis can result from using a large volume tube with a 23g needle
which of the following is the least effective way to immobilize a pediatric patient before a blood draw allowing the child to sit with one arm bracing the other
critiria used to decide which needle guage to use for venipuncture include the size and condition of the vein
which of the following is proper procedure when dealing with an elderly adult patient refrain from drawing older adult patients if you have a cold, or else wear a mask
the process of collecting or "drawing" blood from a vein venipuncture
the form on which test orders are entered is called a requisition
physician's name, pt first and last name, pt medical record #, type of test to be performed and dob should all be included on a requisition
immediately STAT (first)
as soon as posible ASAP (second or third)
evacuated tube system ETS
a eutectic (easily melted) mixture of local anesthetics EMLA
Stats that typically have priority over other stats ER



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