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test review

vital signs

what is dyspnea? difficult or labored breathing
what is homeostasis? constant rate of fluid balance
what instrument measures blood pressure? sphygmomanometer
what is the most accurate way to take a temperature? rectally
what is the first sound heard while taking a blood pressure called? systolic
what is blood pressure measured in millimeters of mercury
How can pulses be described? strong thready and bounding
when is body temperature the highest? AM
what is the medical term for fever? pyrexia
on a graphic record, what does "po" mean? by mouth
how many high readings are taken before hypertension is diagnosed? 3
how long should you allow a patient to sit quietly before taking their bp? 5-10 minutes
what does an aural temperature measure? ear canal
what causes congestive heart failure? blockage of heart valves
what is the SA node? where the electricity originates
what is a defibrillator? it revives the heart with an electrical shock
what does PAC stand for? premature atrial contraction
what does PVC stand for? premature ventricle contraction
what is a diuretic? medication that removes fluid
what causes a pulse deficit? the blood flow is not strong enough to create a pulse
femoral? inner upper thigh
popliteal? behind knee
dorsalis pedis? top of foot arch
cyanosis skin being bluish grey due to lack of oxygen
what are rales? bubbling or noisy sounds caused by fluid or mucus in the air passages
what is an inspiration? breathing in
what is an expiration? breathing out
Created by: mollyhiggins16
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