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Ancient Rome Quiz 2

Studying flash cards

Where is Judea? modern day israel
when did the romans conquer Judea and who became the rulers? it was in 63 BCE and the rulers were Jewish people who agreed with roman laws.
what is a prefect and what role did it play? a military governor and they became governors in Judea who left local affairs and control to Jews in Judea
how did most Jews feel about Romans? They hated romans.
what did Jews believe god would do? they believed god would send a messiah to restore the Kingdom of Israel.
what were historical records about Jesus? there were very few of them most of which were writings of his followers
what is the New testament? four gospels
what is a gospel? stories of Jesus' life and teachings written in greek by his followers
who were jesus' followers? matthew, mark, luke, and john
what does Christos mean? it is greek for "messiah" who was Jesus
when were the gospels written compared to jesus' death? 30-70 years after his death
when was Jesus born? around 6 BCE
what was based off of jesus' birth? the starting of the Common Era (CE)
who were jesus' parents? mary and joseph
Where was jesus born? Bethlehem in judea
what city did he go to after his birth? Nazareth
what did he study as a boy? Jewish law and religious writings (torah)
when and where was jesus' baptism? when he was 30 years old and in the Jordan river
Where did jesus preach? in synagogues and open areas
what were disciples? small group of jesus' followers/students
what were jesus' teachings based off of? Jewish beliefs
what did focus mean to them? love and mercy
what was a time when people would know gods love? when they believed a kingdom of god was coming soon
Why were people worried about Jesus? because they thought he would cause trouble with the roman rulers
Why did jesus go to Jerusalem? for passover
What did Judas Iscariot do? he betrayed jesus by turning him into the roman authorities because he feared jesus would cause trouble
What did Pontius Pilate do with jesus? he found jesus guilty and sentenced him to crucifiction.
What happened once Jesus died? His followers took his body to a tomb
what do the gospels say about jesus' death? he rose from the dead (resurrection) and went to heaven
who did jesus' disciples think he was? the son of god, the messiah
who was paul? a greek speaking jew and roman citizen
What did paul do? he became a missionary and tried to convert jews in to gentiles/non-jews. he spent 17 yrs going to greek cities making new converts and started new churches.
what did christians refuse to do for the romans? they refused to worship roman gods and they refused to serve in the roman army
what did romans see christians as? a threat to roman life style
what did romans do to christianity? they made it illegal and executed some christians
what did christians do once christianity was made illegal? they still spread and offered romans a different message of purpose love and hope
how many christians were there in the roman empire in 300 CE? 5 million
when and who legalized christianity? 313 CE. Emperor Constantine legalized it.
when were all roman sacrifices banned 392 CE
when did christianity become the official religion of the empire? 395 CE
where did gladiators come from? they were slaves or people captured from war
why did rome need so many slaves? because they needed them for hard labor on construction sites
what did rome plan to do with the treasures they stole from jerusalem? pay for the colosseum
why would people volunteer to be gladiators to pay off depts
what did gladiator training involve? practicing with swords
how did they build the colosseum in only 9 years because they figured out how to make concrete
what was so "sophisticated about the arena? the 36 ft pit
how did women view gladiators? women were obsessed with them
why would a sponsor spare a life? because they didn't want to pay for another gladiator
how could gladiators become very wealthy? because winning a single battle paid the annual salary of any other roman
Created by: ASmith16