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PMI Med Terminology

dys painful
dema swelling
prone laying face down
extra outside
plasma 90% water 10% protein
cephalic vein along the thumb side
iso equal, same
RBC Red Blood Count
tachy rapid/fast
ESR sed rate
homeostasis body in complete balance
supine to lie face up
anterior facing forward
posterior facing the back or rear
cyte cell
Dx Diagnosis
pericardium Sac surrounding the heart
anatomical position body in erect posture hands at side and facing forward
platelets clotter cells
cyan blue
per through
HCT Hematocrit
tunica adventia outer layer of a vein
algia pain
lumen hollow space within the vein where fluid travels
basilic pinky side vein
endo within
myocardial infarction another name for heart attack
BUN Blood Urea Nitrogen
penia deficiency
erythr red
hemoglobin carries oxygen within erythrocytes
Hematoma fancy word for bruise
O2 difference between arterial and venous blood
epi upon/on
brady slow
leukocytes White Blood Cells
capillaries connect arterial and venule
aniso unequal
AB+ Universal Recipient
O- Universal Donor
megaly enlargement
diastole heart in the relaxation phase
itis inflammation
systole when the heart contracts
mal bad/poor
pre before
dema swelling
STAT immediately
cells smallest units of human body
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