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PMI Blood Vessels

arteries carries blood away from the heart, blood is oxygenated
veins carries blood towards the heart, has valves
arterioles smallest artery
capillaries microscopic, allows materials to move via diffusion
venules small veins
lumen hollow space in which blood flows
endothelium inner lining of lumen
vasoconstriction the tightening of blood vessels
blood pressure contraction of the heart ventricles, highest in aorta
sphygomomanometer device used to measure blood pressure
pulse alternate expansion and recoil of artery after contraction and relaxation of ventricles
tachycardia heart beat is over 100 beats per minute
bradycardia heart beat is lower than 60 beats per minute
systolic blood pressure the pushing against arterial walls during ventricular contraction
diastolic the second sound due to ventricular relaxation
systemic circulation movement of blood throughout body, leaving the heart
inferior vena cava largest vein that carries blood from inferior regions of the body
ANP released by cells in the atria of the heart
coronary sinus main vein of the heart that receives all the blood of the myocardium
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