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Important terms, events, and people

Decolonization When a nation gives freedom and independence to its colonies
Civil Disobedience Refusal to comply with certain laws that are unfair and unjust
Boycott Refusal to use or buy a particular good or service
Salt March Gandhi's peaceful protest of British taxation and manufacturing of salt
Homespun Movement Gandhi's boycott of purchasing British cloth
Mahatma Gandhi Leader of the Indian independence movement
Sepoy Rebellion Attempt by Indians to get rid of foreign influence in 1857; it failed because there was no leadership
Amritsar Massacre In 1919, the British killed hundreds of peaceful protesters
Rowlett Act British law that restricted the rights and freedoms of Indians after World War I
Indian Independence Act Officially decolonized India in 1947 and gave India its freedom from Great Britain
India-Pakistan Conflict Ongoing argument between Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan over religion and territory
Partition The separation of a country; India was separated after independence into India and Pakistan
Kashmir Territory that India and Pakistan believe should be theirs
Tribalism Putting the loyalty of a tribe or group before that of the nation
Pan-Africanism The desire for a unified Africa
Jomo Kenyatta Leader who gained independence for Kenya
Kwame Nkrumah Leader who gained independence for Ghana
Mau Mau Rebellion Violent protest against British rule in Kenya in the 1950s
Organization of African Unity Organization that existed until 2002; had goals to bring cooperation, rights, and a better life for all African people
African Union Organization that started in 2002 until present day; has goals to bring cooperation, rights, education, and a better life for all African people
Genocide In Africa, tribes go to war with each other to try and destroy them; this has happened in Rwanda and Sudan
Nelson Mandela Leader who fought to end apartheid in South Africa through civil disobedience; became first black president of South Africa in 1994
Apartheid Separation of blacks and whites in South Africa until 1994
Kemal Ataturk Fought for Turkish independence from Europe after World War I
Mandate Another term for a colony; the Middle East was colonized after World War I
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries; an organization of oil-producing nations, mainly in the Middle East, that controls the majority of the world's oil supply
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