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WH Wynn U13 Review

World War II

This term means 'lightening war'. Blitzkrieg
This term describes a detention center for civilians considered enemies of the state. concentration camp
This term describes the policy of giving in to an aggressor’s demands in order to keep peace. appeasement
What 3 major nations made up the Axis Powers in WW II? Germany, Italy, Japan
What 3 major nations made up the Allied Powers in WW II? United States, Great Britain, Soviet Union
What was the 1st city to be attacked with an atomic bomb? Hiroshima
What was the 2nd city to be attacked with an atomic bomb? Nagasaki
Which US president decided to use the atomic bomb on Japan? Harry Truman
What was the name of the agreement between the US & Britain to set goals for the defeat of Nazi Germany? Atlantic Charter
What was the codename of the program that built the first atomic bomb? Manhattan Project
At this meeting, Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt met to discuss the end of World War II. Yalta Conference
What nation attacked the US naval forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii? Japan
During what years did World War II last (from start to finish)? 1939-1945
The D-Day invasion was directed at the coastline of what country? France
Which battle is considered to be the turning point for the war on the eastern front in the Soviet Union? Stalingrad
Who did the Nazis blame for the worldwide economic depression of the 1930s? European Jews
In which WW II battle did British troops stop the German attempt to seize the Suez Canal? El Alamein
In which WW II battle did the US stop the Japanese’ advance across the Pacific? (It was also a turning point for the US in the Pacific.) Midway
In which WW II battle did the Allies invade mainland France, creating a turning point in the war in Western Europe? D-day
What event brought the US into World War II? bombing of Pearl Harbor, HI
The hatred, dislike, or prejudice against believers of Judaism is called… anti-Semitism
What 3 reasons led to the Holocaust? Hitler's belief in a 'master race'; European history of anti-Semitism; economic depression blamed on the Jews
Germany’s decision to exterminate all Jews in Germany & Europe was called the.. the Final Solution
Which WW II battle was an 8-month bombing campaign by the Germans to weaken Britain? Battle of Britain
The systematic and purposeful destruction of a racial, political, religious, or cultural group is called a … genocide
What 2 ideologies (philosophies) contributed to the Holocaust? nationalism and totalitarianism
Why were the Nuremberg Trials significant? They held individuals accountable for their actions during wartime.
What viewpoint of Hitler allowed the German people to believe it was right to kill Jews and other ethnic minorities in Europe? Aryan superiority
Who was the leader of Great Britain during WW II? Winston Churchill
Who was the leader of France during WW II? Charles De Gaulle
Who was the leader of the USA during WW II? Franklin Roosevelt
Which leader industrialized the Soviet Union? Joseph Stalin
After WW II, the US backed the formation of what peace organization? The United Nations
What were 4 purposes of the United Nations? keep peace throughout the world; develop relations between nations; increase literacy; decrease diseases
Created by: Ms.Wynn