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Ch 18

Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre fighting begun on Saint Bartholomew’s Day in 1572 between Catholics and Protestants, in which many Huguenots were killed
Henry IV Huguenot who converted to Catholicism in order to be accepted as king
Edict of Nantes proclamation by Henry IV that gave certain rights to French Huguenots but stressed that Catholicism was the official religion of France
Louis XIII French king who took the throne after Henry IV was assassinated; Cardinal Richelieu served as his adviser
Cardinal Richelieu prominent Catholic priest who became chief minister and adviser of King Louis XIII
Louis XIV French king who held absolute power, became known as “the Sun King”
War of the spanish Succesion costly war fought by Louis XIV over the successor to the Spanish throne
Treaty of Utrecht ended the War of the Spanish Succession; forced Louis XIV to give up territory and forbid France and Spain from being ruled by the same monarch
Puritans Protestant religious group that demanded reforms in the Church of England
Charles I son of James I, became king in 1625
Royalists supporters of the king during the English Civil War
Oliver Cromwell commander of Parliament’s army in the Civil War, later Lord Protector
Commonwelath republican government based on the common good of all people
Restoration the return of the monarchy to England in 1660
Charles II son of Charles I, became king of Great Britain when monarchy was restored
Glorius Revolution bloodless transfer of power from James II to William and Mary
William and mary James II’s Protestant daughter and son-in-law, who succeeded him
Constitutional monarchy A monarchy limited by law
Huguenot French Protestant
Created by: Alan Reyes