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Pauline Letters

7- The Letter to the Romans

What is a type of formal letter found in the new testament? Epistle
What are 13 letters in the NT contributed to St. Paul Pauline Letters
Some of the Pauline letters were _____ written directly by st. paul not
Understanding the ____________________ of paul's letters can help us appreciate the message time and audience, purpose, structure, and writing style
The letters to the romans are the _____________ of St. Paul's understanding of Jesus most complete presentation
In this letter, Paul ________________ in Christ. introduces himself, corrects misunderstandings and celebrated their faith
Paul's letters have an _______________. introduction, a body and a conclusion
i was thinking about drinking _________ this morning. coffee
____________ is life. fortnite
what is writting used to persuade? rhetoric
what does paul tell the romans? 1. the romans are not under the law but are now covered in grace 2. live for God in Christ Jesus 3. to be "buried with christ"
what is the gift of our sharing in gods life and it helps you to live a holy life grace
what helps us to conform to Gods will actual grace
what helps us to live our vocation? sacramental grace
what enables our soul to live with god and act by his love? santifying grace
what happens in baptism? in baptism we are joined to christ, become adopted sons and daughters of God, die to sin and rise to new life in christ
what are christians who travel to live and preach the gospel? missionaries
what is telling or showing people about Jesus? evangelize
what is an evangelist a christian who tells and or shows people about Jesus
What is genealogy a family tree
What is the Paschal Mystery Jesus' passion, death,resurrection, and ascension
In the Latter to the Romans, what is saint paul talking about when he tells them they are not under the law? they are under God's grace and we can be forgiven of our sins
What is meant when Saint Paul says that we were "buried in christ"? in baptism we are buried with christ. at christ's burial, he was buried with death and sin. if we are buried with him, we will rise up
in what was does knowing when, to whom, and why st. paul wrote his letters help us hear more clearly the meaning of God's word today? understanding the context of the letters helps us to appreciate and understand the letter more clearly
why did st. Paul use the art of rhetoric letters? because it is a good way to convince his reader
Logan broke his __________. Chromebook
there are extra ________ in this chapter. notes
Landon needs a new ______________. sweatshirt
Marko sits at my _______. table
Math homework isn't supposed to be done at _______ but in religion. home
______ is silently yelling at his chromebook. Logan
_______ pays attention in religion NOBODY
Ms Tavernaro took my _______ over the weekend. glue
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