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Cold War

The Cold War

Germany was divided into four military zones during this conference. Yalta Conference
This separated democratic Western Europe and communist Eastern Europe. The Iron Curtain
The U.S. aid package proposed to help rebuild Europe that was declined by Eastern Europe. Marshall Plan
The Soviet alliance created in response to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Warsaw Pact
The U.S. doctrine that pledged $400 million to rebuild Europe. Truman Doctrine
This organization was created to assure that non-communist countries had protection against external parties. NATO
This symbolized the end of the Cold War. Berlin wall get's torn down
The blockade put into place by the Soviet Union. Berlin Blockade
The U.S' response to the Berlin blockade. Berlin Airlift
A civil war between the republic and the communists broke out where after World War II? China
As a result of this war Korea was split into the communist North and Democratic South Korea. Korean War
The competition between the U.S. and the Soviet Union to build bigger and better weapons. Arms Race
This was created to investigate federal employees and dismiss those disloyal to the US government. Loyalty Review Board
This committee began investigating communist involvement in the movie industry. HUAC
The world's first artificial satellite launched by the Soviets. Sputnik
The US' failed attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro. Bay of Pigs
This event was the closest that the US and USSR came to war during the Cold War. Cuban Missile Crisis
The barrier that Separated East and West Berlin. Berlin Wall
The war that breaks out as a result of Vietnam being split into the North and South. Vietnam War
The pres. of the Russian Republic Boris Yelton, formed the... Commonwealth Of Independence
At this conference Truman confronts the Soviet Union for violating the agreements made at Yalta. Potsdam Conference
What did Joseph Stalin call the countries that he "liberated" from Germany? Satellite countries
The Revolution that occurred in China, in which labor camps were created. Chinese Revolution
He made unsupported claims that 205 state department members were communists. Joseph McCarthy
What started occurring in Hungary after it was taken over by the Soviet Union in WW2? Uprisings
Brinkmanship is a policy created by which U.S. president? JFK
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