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Cold War Events

flashcards about ALL of the cold war events!

Yalta Conference Winston Churchill (GB), Joseph Stalin (USSR), and FDR (US) meet to discuss postwar ideas
Potsdam Conference Winston Churchill (GB), Joseph Stalin (USSR), and Harry Truman (US) meet to discuss what would happen after the war
Iron Curtain Churchill divides Europe in 2 political regions. Democratic Western Europe and Communist Eastern Europe
Soviet Block A alliance of countries that agreed with the Soviets.
Truman Doctrine The US promises to join or support any fight against Communists
Marshall Plan American aid that allows Europe to rebuild their economies. Eastern Europe declines
NATO “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” a system of collective defenses where it's members agree to mutual defense in response to an external attack
Warsaw Pact Communist response to NATO. Soviet alliance
Struggle over Germany The US, France, and Great Britain combined their 3 zones of Germany (became Western Germany). The USSR took control of Eastern Germany
Berlin Blockade The Soviet Union blocked the Western allies road and canal access to Berlin
Berlin Airlift America and Britain were airlifting supplies to West Berlin for the war
Chinese Civil War A war between the Chinese nationalist and communists for what kind of government China will be
Chinese Revolution Mao Zedong, Chinese communist leader, declares war on the Republic of China to return power to the communists
Korean War North Korean communist army crossed the 38th Parallel and invaded South Korea.
Loyalty Review Board Created to investigate federal employees and dismiss those not loyal to the US government
HUAC A government body that began investigating communist influence in the movie industry
McCarthy's Witch Hunt Joseph McCarthy, an American senator, who "exposed" communists and not loyal people in the US government.
Arms Race A competition between the Soviet Union and the US to produce more weapons and a larger military
Hungarian Uprising A revolt against the communist government of the Hungarian People's Republic
Sputnik The world's first artificial satellite
Bay of Pigs The US supported a failed attempt to overthrow Castro in April of 1961
Cuban Missile Crisis US blockades Cuba due to missiles being put up and aimed at the US. The Soviets agree to remove the missiles if the US promises not to invade Cuba.
Afghanistan "The Soviet Union's Vietnam War" The Soviets attempted to eliminate the Soviets civilian support by bombing rural areas
Berlin Wall A guarded concrete barrier that divides Berlin. When the wall was torn down by citizens this marked the end of the Cold War
Vietnam War "Second Indochina War" The North Vietnamese government and the Viet Cong were fighting to reunify Vietnam.
Fall of the Soviet Union The Soviet Union's oil and gas revenue dropped, the USSR began to lose its hold on Eastern Europe. Millikan Gorbachev resigned as leader of the USSR.
Created by: tlancaster2