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6th SS - Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Europe in Transition

Eurasia world's largest landmass
temperate mild weather
fjords narrow inlets where the sea surges in between cliffs
navigable waterways deep enough to be traveled by boat
deforestation the process of clearing forests
North European Plain the most fertile farmland in Europe
Middle Ages a period in European history that began with the fall of the Roman Empire
Charlemagne Frankish leader who conquered kingdoms and spread Christianity throughout Europe
fuedalism system of government developed as a way to keep the peace in Europe
fief land a king would give to nobles in return for their loyalty
vassals nobles who took an oath of loyalty to their lords
serfs peasants who worked on the land of the fief
manor a settlement that belonged to a noble in which serfs lived in
knights solider noble who agreed to fight for a king in return for land
chivalry the code of conduct that knights believed they should follow
Magna Carta first document that limited the power of a king or ruler
monastery community where monks live and dedicate their lives to God
nun woman who chooses to serve and dedicate herself to God in community
saint a person believed to be holy
Pope Urban II pope who called for a war to capture Jerusalem and nearby lands where Jesus lived - the first crusade
Crusades series of wars to take the Holy Land back
Reconquista a long war fought by Christian armies to recapture Spain from the Muslim armies
cathedral large Christian church in which the Bishop resides
plague terrible disease that spreads quickly
Renaissance a time of great creativity in arts and sciences
humanism the concern for human interests and values
patron supporter
perspective technique that creates three dimensions on the flat surface of a painting
Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa
Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel
William Shakespeare most famous writer of the Renaissance; wrote Romeo and Juliet
Martin Luther German monk who nailed 95 theses on a cathedral door and ultimately started the Protestant Reformation
95 Theses arguments for reform in the Church in Rome
indulgences pardon or forgiveness for sins that was wrongly sold by the Church
Reformation a movement to reform the Church in Europe
Protestants people who protested against the Roman Catholic Church
King Henry VIII (8th) English king who split from the Roman Catholic Church because he was not granted a divorce from the pope. He made himself the head of a new church, the Anglican Church
Created by: MissMisiak