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Phleb 2 Final

Review of final exam, Phlebotomy 2

Thyroid tests T3, T4, TSH
Lipid tests HDL, LDL, Triglycerides
Renal tests BUN, Uric Acid, Creatine, Potassium, chloride
Hepatic tests ALT, AST, GGT, LDH, Total, direct & protein
Hemoglobin A1C Normal 5.6 and lower
Hemoglobin A1C Abnormal 6.5 and higher
CPK tests Cardiac muscle, skeletal, muscle and brain tissue
CRP tests Destruction and inflammation of tissues and muscles
Plasma is ________% water and ________% soluble so and a (n) ______________ is added 90%, 10%, anticoagulant
Serum is ___________% water and ____% solubles and a(n) ___________ __________ 90%, 10%, Clot activator
VDRL stands for ________________ and it tests for _______________ Veneral disease research laboratory; syphillis
RAPID Kit Tests Mono, strep, HCG, H. Ply on, flu, hematocrit, UA
Type of cells that carry oxygen to cells of body, carry O2 away from the body RBC's
Type of cells that fight infection and there are 5; what are the 5 WBC's; lymphocyte, monocytes, Neophil, Eosinphil, basophil
What does a complete blood count test for RBC, WBC, Platlet, hematocrit, RBC indices, WBC diff, hemoglobin
RBC Indices tests for Anemia
Hemoglobin S tests for Sickle cell anemia
Senior Abuse a dangerous or abusive situation resulting from the failed relationship at home or in a facility
Elder Abuse any abuse or neglect of persons aged 60& older by a caregiver or of another person in a relationship involving expectation of trust
Mentally Challenged the brain functions at a subnormal intellectual level
the main function of a thrombocyte is providing a surface for clotting proteins & Hemostasis
Which WBC is the second most plentiful in a differential count? Lymphocyte
Normal Value of PT test 0.8-1.1
Normal Value of aPTT test 25-4- seconds
Normal Value of INR test 10-13 seconds
Which test value would be increase in an inflammatory disease like rheumatoid arthritis? ESR
Pt's w/ an elevated PT or INR are in danger of internal bleeding
coagulation cascade events happen one right after the other when a blood vessel is injured
a WBC; high abnormal value may be seen in leukemia, hemolytic anemia, and chronic inflammations basophil
a cell of normal size normocyte
a cell larger than normal macrocyte
a cell smaller than normal microcyte
formation and development of blood cells, which primarily take place in the bone marrow of ribs, sternum, pelvic bone Hematopoiesis
sometimes performed as part of CBC, determines the % of the 5 WBC's presentand examines their characteristics differential count
used as a screening test for deficiencies in the coagulation cascade and monitoring patients on Anti-coagulation therapy activated partial thromboplastin time
Test Pt refrains from food and liquids 10-12 hours prior FBS
good cholesterol HDL
bad cholesterol LDL
which test requires whole arterial blood? ABG
Cholesterol Numbers a Pt strives for total less than 200, LDL less than 99, HDL 40 or above
a condition where the body produces no insulin Type 1 Diabetes
which parameter is NOT usually included in the CBC? ESR
best indicator for Blood glucose control over 3 month period HgbA1C
If a patient is in ventricular fibrillation the next step is application of the AED
type of bleeding that is steady, dark red Vein
a diabetic pt is shaky, light headed pale, cool clammy is having insulin shock
disease, injury, decrease in circulation and fluid loss could be cause of shock
symptoms of HA's, tinnitus, confusion, and personality changes may be related to TIA
tasting movements and blinking are symptoms as a result of a petite mal seizure
Pt presents w diaphoresis, chest pain, nausea and vomiting suspect what condition MI
weakness, rapid and shallow breathing, weak pulse, cool clammy skin & diaphoresis symptoms related to heat exhaustion
Rule of Nines amount of body surface area burned
body temp below 95 degrees indicates hypothermia
bruising of the brain brain contussion
an injury of a muscle due to overuse or exertion of a muscle strain
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