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GRHS WH 2 People

World History 2 People SOL Review

John Calvin Believed faith was revealed by living a righteous life and in predestination; followers were called Calvinists
Michelangelo Renaissance Painter, Painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling, sculpted the David
Leonardo da Vinci Ultimate Renaissance Man, Painted "The Last Supper" and the "Mona Lisa"
Shakespeare Wrote plays and sonnets during the Renaissance
Erasmus known as the "Father of Humanism"; wrote "In Praise of Folly"
Martin Luther Founder of Protestants; believed Salvation was by faith alone & Bible was the ultimate authority; all humans are equal before GOD
King Henry VIII English; became head of the national church in England; had 6 wives; made all church property his;
Queen Elizabeth I Had tolerance for dissenters; Head of the Anglican Church; VIctory over Spanish Armada (1588)
Anglican Church Protestant Church in England started by Henry VIII
Huguenots French Protestant, followers of JOhn Calvin
Society of Jesus Founded during the Catholic Counter Reformation; Used to spread Catholicism around the World; Ignatious Loyola
Christopher Columbus Spain; "found" the New World
Hernando Cortez Spain; Conquered the Aztecs in Mexico
Ferdinand Magellan Spain; First to circumnavigate the globe
Francisco Pizzarro Spain; Conquered the Inca in South America
Francis Drake England; First man to survive circumnavigating the globe
Jacques Cartier French; Explored Canada
Prince Henry the Navigator Founded a school to teach navigation
Shogun Japan; Military leader who controlled a powerless Emperor
Ottoman Empire In Central Asia, expands to Asia, Balkans, North Africa; Capital- Istanbul (Constantinople); Islamic religion, accepted others; Coffee and ceramic
Mughal Empire North India; Islam; Taj Majal; Establishment of trading posts by Europeans, textiles important to GB; Southern India traded silk/spices/gems
Taj Mahal Built by the Mughals in India
Nicolas Copernicus Heliocentric Theory; known as the founder of modern astrology
Johannes Kepler Discovered planetary movement; The Laws of Planetary Movement
Galileo Used the telescope used to prove the Heliocentric Theory
Isaac Newton Discovered Laws of Gravity
William Harvey Discovered circulation of the blood
Louis XIV absolute monarch of France; built Palace of Versailles as a symbol of royal power; "Sun King"
Peter the Great absolute monarch of Russia; transformed country into a leading European power
Charles I English King who was beheaded;
Oliver Cromwell Led England as Lord - not King
Thomas Hobbes wrote "The Leviathan"; state must have central authority - Absolutism
John Locke wrote Two Treatises on Government; Life Liberty and Property; Gov't gets its power from the consent of the people
Johann Sebastian Bach German born Baroque composer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Austrian born Classical composer
Voltaire French Philosopher known for Religious Toleration; Separation of Church and State (the government)
Montesquieu wrote The Spirit of the Laws; Separation of Powers
Louis XVI Monarch that was overthrown in the French Revolution
Toussaint L'Ouverture Former slave who led Independence movement in Haiti; Defeated armies if Spain, France, Britain
Simon Bolivar Led independence movement in South America
Eugene Delacroix Painter; Painted Liberty Leading the People
Miguel Cervantes Wrote the first novel called Don Quixote
Napoleon Leader of France; Built up the French Empire; Created the Napoleonic Code; Strong Nationalism!!!
Count Cavour Unified Northern Italy
Giuseppe Garibaldi Unified Southern Italy
Otto von Bismarck Unified Germany (Franco-Prussian War); was a Realpolitik
James Hargreaves Spinning Jenny
James Watt Steam Engine
Eli Whitney Cotton Gin
Henry Bessemer Process for making strong steel
Edward Jenner Developed the smallpox vacination
Louis Pasteur Discovered bacteria
Created by: jmacsoc