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Midterm Review


Prone lying face down
Study of language of medicine medical terminology
What type of shoes are prohibited in lab? open-toed shoes
4 early terms for phlebotomy cupping, bloodletting, leeching, venisection
Anatomic position standing erect with arms parallel at sides, eyes and palms forward
Languages that primarily make up medical terminology greek and latin
2 different types of phleobtomy venipuncture and dermal puncture
Most numerous cell in body RBCs
What is the purpose of modern phlebotomy to determine diagnosis for purpose of treatment, polycythemia, blood transfusions
Supine laying on back facing up
Homeostasis equilibrium in body processes
4 anatomical planes (MTFs) mid-sagittal, transverse, frontal, sagittal
5 means of transmission airborne, droplet, contact, vehicle, vector
Expressed consent consent verbally or in writing for high-risk procedure or surgery
4 word parts assoc w/ veins phleb, ven, vas, thromb
2 word parts of phlebotomy in greek phlebos - vein, tome - cut
4 word building parts prefix, suffix, combining vowel, word root
Anuclear biconcave disc RBCs
1st on scene when injury occurs Platelets
Type of WBC that destroys by phagocytosis neutrophills
Pathogens are _________ - producing microorganisms infection
Primum non nocere first do no harm
Drawing blood without permission could lead to charges of... assault and battery
What areas of phlebotomy are subject to quality control procedures patient ID, technique, specimen handling
6 components of chain of infection infectious agent, reservoir, exit pathway, means of transmission, entry pathway, susceptible host
5 types of WBCs neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils, monocytes, lymphocytes
3 parts of patient care partnership help with billing, protecting patient privacy, help patient with leaving the hospital
Infection acquired in hospital nosocomial
Malpractice negligence by professional
How does heparin prevent clotting? it inhibits thrombin
ICU intensive care unit
Which tubes produce serum? SST, Red, sometimes Navy Blue
How is HBV transmitted primarily? blood and body fluids
NAACLS national accrediting agency of clinical laboratory sciences
Define coagulation clumping together of blood cells to form a clot
Define proxemics study of an individual's use of space
HIPAA Health insurance portability and accountability act
6 aspects of professionalism motivation, dependability, professional image, compassion, ethical behavior, diplomacy, integrity
Which department examines specimens for crystals and bacteria? urinalysis
TAT turnaround time
PPE personal protective equipment
arterioles definition small branches of an artery
HBV targets what organ liver
Lab dept which performs tests to identify abnormalities of the blood or blood-forming tissues hematology
Toxicology is part of what department chemistry
Department that performs blood cultures microbiology
4 elements of healthcare communication empathy, trust, control, confirmation
Medicaid definition insurance for the poor
Histology definition study of tissues
2 tiers of precautions standard precautions and transmission-based precautions
8 tests in a BMP Glucose, Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, CO2, BUN, Creatinine, Calcium
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